Profit from the growing premium pet food trend

Profit from the growing premium pet food trend

Did you know that the value of pet food imported into EU from the rest of the world has MORE THAN DOUBLED since 2011?

Create premium pet food and meet customer demand locally with Novozymes enzymes.

Get a comprehensive product portfolio that delivers your consistent results to your brand - offered by the world leader in biological solutions. 

Why make premium pet food?


European pet owners reported a stronger relationship with their pets during the pandemic, according to some surveys. Besides the pandemic, animal welfare programs across the world have also encouraged the humanization of pets. 


European pet owners are more concerned about quality than low prices and are therefore willing to pay more for quality-driven pet food, a study shows


largest pet food market in the world, Europe is seeing a great surge in pet food revenue. The increasing humanization of pets and the growing disposable personal income (DPI) of pet owners across European countries enables more pet owners to spend lavishly on their dear pets.

Why use enzymes?

There is a great demand for premium pet food in the EU. Enzymes can help you use this trend to your advantage.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are natural proteins that act as biological catalysts to transform chemical reactions. Novozymes enzymes are skillfully engineered to retain their natural benefits while maximizing other gains. 

In pet food, the right enzymes can not only upgrade the flavor profile but also help you support claims for organic food and human-grade food. 

Enzymes enable:
  • Higher stability with consistent enzymatic and catalytic activity
  • Increased reliability and ease of production
  • Simplified optimization

How exactly can enzymes upgrade pet food flavor?

How exactly can enzymes upgrade pet food flavor?

It can be a challenge to transform animal co-products into high-quality protein that is also tasty. Why?

Because the more hydrolyzed a protein is, the more bitter it usually tastes.

Enzymes from Novozymes help reduce bitterness and increase the savory flavor that pets love. 

These enzymes help turn bovine, poultry and porcine co-products into hydrolysates, a valuable ingredient in pet food. Hydrolysates have multiple applications; they are often used inside dry kibble to improve taste or in wet pet foods as an overall flavor system. They can also be sprayed on the outside of the kibble to boost flavor and palatability.

Enzymes can benefit both pet food makers and meat processors

Enzymes can benefit both pet food makers and meat processors

Flavor and color-boosting enzymes for pet food makers:

Novozymes pet food enzymes portfolio offers enzyme solutions that enrich both the flavor and production process. When you use flavor-generating/debittering enzymes in your pet food, they help create a flavor profile that can set your brand apart. Tastier, more premium pet food wins you the brand loyalty of both human and fur customers, which ultimately raises your bottom line.

Flavor and process-optimizing enzymes for meat processors:

If you're a meat processing brand, process-optimizing enzymes can help your business make the most of its resources. Enzymes that can do both flavor- and process-optimization help you create superior pet food palatants from leftover animal co-products, helping you generate a new source of income.

How to get the best out of your enzymes


To generate maximum savory flavor in your pet food palatants, you can use a combination of endopeptidase, exopeptidase and glutaminase.

The endopeptidase breaks down the large protein molecules into small peptides. The exopeptidase further breaks down the peptides into single amino acids. Some of the small peptides from the hydrolysate can contribute to the umami flavor that makes food irresistible to pets.

To take this umami flavor to the next level, a glutaminase can be used to convert free glutamine into glutamic acid.

For example, by using Alcalase® for primary liquefaction and Flavourzyme® for second hydrolysis, you can process meat protein extracts with maximum efficiency. Together, they give you the highest degree of hydrolysis (DH) and reduce sediment in the liquefaction process. 

When combined with Protamex® for the first hydrolysis, Flavourzyme® improves flavor quality, provides high DH and a faster second hydrolysis. It also gives a natural meaty flavor, superior to alternative solutions.

The first step to using enzymes in your production

Our wide range of enzymatic solutions help you take your business to the next level.

To see how to apply the right solution in your production, download our application sheet.

This application sheet explains all you need to know to start using enzymes to make premium and flavorful pet food.

Explore our solutions within pet food

Find the right solution for you in our global portfolio, shown below. To find out more about products available in your region, get in touch with your local Novozymes representative.

Available strengths (range) 2,4-4,0 AU-A/g
Hydrolysis action Aggressive
Savory flavor generation Yes
Suitable for organic products Yes
Available strengths (range) 1,5 AU-A/g
Hydrolysis action Agressive
Savory flavor generation Yes
Suitable for organic products Yes
Available strengths (range) 500-100 LAPU/g
Hydrolysis action Aggressive
Savory flavor generation Yes
Suitable for organic products Yes
Protana® Prime
Available strengths (range) 1067 LAPU/g 979 CPDU(A)/g
Hydrolysis action Aggressive
Savory flavor generation Yes
Suitable for organic products No
Protana® UBoost
Available strengths (range) 100 EGLU-A/g
Hydrolysis action Mild
Savory flavor generation Yes
Suitable for organic products No
Novo-Pro® D
Available strengths (range) 16 KNPU-S/g
Hydrolysis action Aggressive
Savory flavor generation Yes
Suitable for organic products No
Available strengths (range)
Hydrolysis action
Savory flavor generation
Suitable for organic products

Want to explore our pet food solutions in greater detail?

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Why Novozymes enzymes?

Novozymes is your trusted enzyme supplier for animal protein processing with best-in-class capabilities and the broadest portfolio in the industry. This includes flavor-generating enzymes with unique functionalities to support your organic product and human-grade food claims.

Whether you're new to pet food enzymes or an enzyme pro looking to mix and match the right solution for your pet food brand - we're here to help. Book a no-obligation meeting today.

  • Get comprehensive support from skilled experts in technical implementation
  • Decrease the CO2 footprint of your final products and raise brand sustainability with our enzymes
  • Use best-in-class enzymes that provide consistently superior performance to your business offerings

Did you know?

Enzymes deliver higher cost savings to your business while upgrading your sustainability profile - make the best use of your resources and use local ingredients to meet local demand


Enzymes save you a step in your production process - totally eliminating the process of mechanical liquefaction - leading to less malfunction and downtime, and faster product delivery