Protease, Granulate Liquid


Alcalase® for animal protein extraction is a high quality and versatile endo-protease. It provides very extensive hydrolysis. It’s used in the first stage of the hydrolysis process to liquefy and break-down animal by-products. It is often combined with other proteases to add more value in a wide range of animal protein applications.

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Applications Details

Alcalase® is effective in most animal protein applications. These include fish, meat and feather protein hydrolysates, gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen, pet food and extraction of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). Alcalase® is also suited to extraction of protein from other sources such as yeast. 

Available strengths (range)
2,4-4,0 AU-A/g

Hydrolysis action

Generation of peptides or single amino acids


Savory flavor generation

Working pH range*
6.5 - 10

Working temperature range (°C)*
60 - 75

Quality grade
Food, feed and tech grade

Boost process efficiency

Suitable for organic products

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