Changing acrylamide legislation: are your products compliant?

Changing acrylamide legislation: are your products compliant?

Tightening EU regulations are putting acrylamide in the spotlight. From an expansion of products to be monitored to proposed maximum levels that could lead to product recalls, pressure on manufacturers who sell into EU markets is mounting.

Listen to RoStar's experience with acrylamide reduction

Listen to RoStar's experience with acrylamide reduction

See how RoStar has started using Acrylaway® in their biscuit production to create healthier products. They list the main advantages as:
•    Easy to apply and no need for changes in production setup
•    Does not affect taste or texture in the biscuits
•    Gives them peace of mind and builds consumer trust

All this legislative activity is also raising awareness among consumers. We’re here to help, with information and tools to keep you ahead of changing legislative demands and consumer concerns. Our Acrylaway® range of products also ensures that you’re well beyond legislative compliance, reducing acrylamide formation in the broadest range of applications by up to 95%.


Maximum levels proposed

Maximum levels proposed

Acrylamide levels across the EU have been subject to a benchmarking system since 2018. Regulation currently under consideration would adjust these benchmarks and introduce maximum limits alongside them. If your products exceed those limits, it’s likely that you’ll have to stop marketing them. They could even be recalled.

Check your products’ compliance

Check your products’ compliance

To help you anticipate legislation and future-proof your products, we’ve launched a compliance tool and product finder. The compliance tool doesn’t just include current benchmark levels. It also allows you to check your products against proposed new EU benchmarks and maximum limits. Then it guides you to the right Acrylaway® solution to keep your products in compliance.

Acrylaway® products don’t impact final product taste and texture. That makes them ideal solutions for mitigating acrylamide levels in a consistent way, so you can meet the demands of health-conscious consumers and retailers.

The compliance tool and our Acrylaway® range make compliance simpler, save time and give you peace of mind.

Acrylamide reductions of up to 95%

In tests at independent institutes, Acrylaway® significantly reduced acrylamide levels.
It’s also been proven not to affect the taste, texture or appearance of final products.

Acrylaway®ensures that you’re well beyond compliance, reducing acrylamide formation in the broadest range of applications by up to 95%.  


 Food product


biscuits & rusks

Potato specialties

CoffeeProcessed cereal-based baby foods

 Acrylamide reduction

Up to 75%Up to 90%Up to 90%Up to 90%Up to 50%More than 50%More than 60%Up to 90%


See how Acrylaway® works

See how Acrylaway® works

Acrylamide forms when starchy foods are baked at high temperatures with little moisture.  
Foods treated with Acrylaway® products keep their rich golden taste and color, yet have much lower acrylamide levels. 


Get a free sample

Testing Acrylaway® in your own production is the best way to experience all its benefits. 

We can help you find the right solution for your acrylamide mitigation and production needs, and order free samples.

EU acrylamide testing requirements: Make the most of our testing know-how

The overview below gives a very brief summary of what you need to do to comply with current EU testing requirements.

Frequent sampling

Accredited analyses

Take steps to mitigate

Free testing: find out if you qualify

Our technical service team are experienced at testing acrylamide levels across a range of food types. They’re ready to help guide you through the process.  
And if you’re interested in seeing the difference Acrylaway® can make to acrylamide levels in your own products, we may be able to help cover the costs of measuring levels both before and after.

Use the calendars below to book a meeting and find out whether you qualify for our free testing service.