Multi-enzyme blend, Granulate

Optiva® LG G

Optiva® LG G is a multi-enzyme blend that’s designed to reduce the amount of vital wheat gluten used in baking recipes. Optiva® LG is reliable, optimizes costs and doesn’t compromise on sensory benefits or production stability.

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Description Key Benefits

Vital wheat gluten is a key ingredient in many baking formulations. But it’s a volatile ingredient that can be hard to source and fluctuate in price.

A great alternative is our multi-enzyme solution Optiva® LG.

Optiva® LG is designed to eliminate or reduce vital wheat gluten in recipes so that producers can save costs over time and get a reliable product that is easy to source.

The blend matches or improves volume in white or wholewheat bread, and helps you ensure production stability, so your products are ready on time.

With Optiva® LG you can revitalize your formulation and meet consumer expectations – every time.

  • Optimize costs and stabilize supply

    With Optiva® LG you reduce your dependance on vital wheat gluten, future-proofing your product against availability or price concerns. That means you can offer a stable price for your customers and consumers, plus you save raw material costs over time.
  • Match or boost performance

    When it comes to sensory, your product can achieve the same or better volume and texture in white and wholewheat bread and maintain the softness and freshness that consumers expect.
  • Get production stability​

    With Optiva® LG you can achieve the same stability during production, even if you have long, undesirable proofing time.
  • Eliminate vital wheat gluten​

    Most bread recipes contain 1-2% vital wheat gluten. Our trials have shown that with Optiva® LG you can eliminate the need for vital wheat gluten entirely in most cases – depending on the raw materials.

How much can you save?

How much can you save?

Optiva® LG is developed to do the same magic that vital wheat gluten does, but at a stable price that helps reduce your cost.

Try our cost calculator to find out exactly how much you can save.