Multi-enzyme blend, Granulate

Valena® Fiber EE G

Valena® Fiber EE G is a multi-enzyme blend that improves sensory appeal of high-fiber bread. The solution increases volume and improves the crumb to deliver more softness, moistness and freshness. So that consumers can get healthier, satiating and satisfying bread.​

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Description Key Benefits

Fiber is as important to good health as any minerals, vitamins or proteins. But consumers are generally not getting enough of this important building block.​

Fiber-rich bread helps consumers get more of this nutrient, but bread with a high fiber content also has less sensory appeal.

With Valena® Fiber EE G you can turn fiber-rich bread into appealing loaves with more volume and softness. 

  • Sensory appeal

    When it comes to bread, more fiber traditionally means lower appeal  –  the bread tends to be smaller, denser and drier, and turns stale faster.​

    Valena® Fiber EE G improves the appearance and volume of high fiber bread. You will also get a soft, moist, high in fiber bread that stays fresh for longer.​

  • Fiber flexibility

    Fiber comes in many forms. While some types are more popular with consumers than others, producers might experience availability issues or sourcing limitations for a preferred type of fiber.

    Valena® Fiber EE G works for a broad range of fiber, giving producers the flexibility to use the fiber that’s convenient and available when it’s needed.​

  • Emulsifier elimination​

    Most bread formulations include some level of emulsifiers. And while emulsifiers can be helpful for achieving the right sensory properties, they are also expensive and at times hard to come by. What’s more, consumers are increasingly avoiding e-numbers in their foods, which is inevitable with emulsifiers.​

    With Valena® Fiber EE G you can reduce your dependence on costly and hard-to-come-by emulsifiers and create a formulation that reduces or eliminates use of emulsifiers without compromising on sensory appeal.​