Multi-enzyme blend, Granulate

Valena® Wholewheat EE G

Valena® Wholewheat EE G is a multi-enzyme blend designed for bakers to produce wholewheat bread without emulsifiers in an effective way that doesn’t compromise on texture and volume. That way consumers get healthier breads with fewer additives. They also get the texture they love and the freshness they expect.

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Description Key Benefits

Consumers want to eat more healthy. Still, they are in general not getting enough wholegrain, which are a great source of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Baking with wholewheat can be challenging because the bread tends to be drier, have less volume and become stale faster. Valena® Wholewheat EE G effortlessly helps you get more volume, softer and fresher wholewheat bread – and meet consumer demands.

  • Better nutrition

    Wholegrains are a great way to get fiber, minerals and vitamins which are all important to maintaining good general health. Still consumers aren’t getting enough wholegrain despite the fact that they’re increasingly looking for foods with better nutrition. With Novozymes Valena® Wholewheat EE G you can offer consumers the benefits of wholewheat in a delicious bread that doesn’t compromise on sensory appeal.
  • Sensory appeal

    Wholewheat bread tends to become drier and stale faster than white bread. The bread structure can also be more compact and visually less appealing. Valena® Wholewheat EE G ensures a high volume with a better crumb and moist, soft texture that can please consumers looking for healthier bread without sensory compromises. It also helps keep the wholewheat bread fresh for longer, which gives consumers longer time to enjoy their bread and reduces food waste.
  • For a variety of wholewheat flours

    Wholewheat flours vary in their composition and structure. Valena® Wholewheat EE G works for a broad range of wholewheat flours like red or white wheat. This gives you the flexibility to create more variation or different recipes – and consistently achieve a healthier, appealing bread
  • Easier production

    Working with wholegrains, including wholewheat, can be a challenge. Your dough might be stickier and more difficult to handle, with lower proofing tolerance. Valena® Wholewheat EE G gives you better dough handling and larger bread volumes as a result of the improved proofing tolerance across a variety of wheat flours.
  • Eliminates the need for emulsifiers

    Emulsifiers are not only a costly ingredient that’s hard to come by. It’s also an E-number on your label. A 2021-Novozymes study found that 85% of consumers pay attention to the ingredients and nutritional facts when they buy wholegrain bread. The study also found that consumers pay high attention to E-numbers. With this Valena® solution you can free yourself from emulsifiers and still get at healthy, great tasting and fresher bread.


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