Optiva® LS

Optiva® LS  works across different bread types enables partial or full reduction of added sugar. This offers a significant cost saving to bakeries by helping them reduce their sugar spent by a minimum of 30%.  This enables you to mitigate fluctuations in raw material prices, supply shortages, volatile production costs and competitive pricing pressure. 

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Description Key Benefits Safe handling

Novozymes Optiva® LS was designed to mitigate the markets' exposure to volatility of sugar prices across different bread types. This ensures  significant cost savings to bakeries. 


  • Reduced volatility to raw materials

    Sugar prices can be very volatile and this product allows reduction of exposure to sugar as a raw material, also resulting in less logistic complexity, transportation and storage for sugar.

  • Reduced recipe costs

    Partially (by a minimum 30%) or fully reduce added sugar while maintaining the bread quality. 

  • No equipment or CAPEX investment required

    It can be directly implemented in your current production setup without changing existing bread improvers.

  • Proven performance

    A Gulfood Sensory blind test showed that 70% of consumers surveyed were very positive towards Optiva® LS and couldn't taste the difference or even preferred the new solution.

This product contains enzymes. While enzymes are safe to use in consumer applications, they need correct handling in working environments to ensure workers’ safety.

Indeed, repeated inhalation of enzyme dust or aerosols resulting from improper handling may induce sensitization and may cause allergic type 1 reactions in sensitized individuals.


Please follow the precautionary handling recommendations below:

  • Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapors/spray
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing
  • In case of inadequate ventilation wear respiratory protection
  • IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing
  • If experiencing respiratory symptoms: Call a POISON CENTER or a doctor
  • Store in a dry place. Store in a closed container
  • Dispose of contents/containers in accordance with local regulations


For more safety information, please watch the entire series of safety videos.


Optiva® LS allows bakeries to partially or fully reduce sugar depending on the initial sugar content of the bread, and yet get the same bread. This provides an opportunity to reduce exposure to volatility in the prices of sugar. 

Extra benefits of using Optiva® LS include experiencing a yeast boosting effect and saving time on fermentation, getting a synergistic effect with fresh keeping enzymes and reducing the logistic complexity, transportation and storage costs of sugar. 

There is also no equipment or capex investment required to implement Optiva® LS.