Microbial inoculants for oil seed rape

Maximize your oil seed rape crop yield

Microbial inoculants for oil seed rape

Enhance nutrient availability 

Our unique microbial inoculant technology for oil seed rape enhances the availability of key nutrients to your crop. These include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Our microbial technologies colonize emerging roots and play key roles within the rhizosphere throughout the growing season.

Improve uniformity and yields 

Our solutions improve oil seed rape crop uniformity and yields. They encourage vigorous root growth and shoot development to support early vigor in your crops. They also support more efficient plant uptake of soil and fertilizer phosphorus.



 JumpStart® inoculant contains Penicillium bilaiae which improves the efficiency of soil and fertilizer phophorous uptake. It grows on plant roots and makes less-available residual soil phosphate available for crop use.