As business conditions change and technology evolves, one thing remains true for ethanol producers: You want to improve the efficiency of your operation, increasing yield while ensuring a reliable consistent process.

No matter your plant’s fermentation time, the Innova® family of yeasts enable you to reduce urea inputs up to 100% and achieve the highest level of ethanol yields without compromising plant consistency. You will be able to secure your plant’s competitive edge with solutions specifically designed to work for you and your operational model – fast or long fermentations.

Only with Innova - the industry’s leading fermentation solutions – can you simultaneously improve fermentation performance and reduce input costs to maximize your investments.

Innova® Turbo:

Are throughput bottlenecks
slowing you down?

While many plants have debottlenecked fermentation, increased production and improved process consistency, we’ve all seen business conditions change and technology evolve.

Corn prices have hit record highs this year and remain strong, and ethanol prices remain volatile thanks to demand and global events. And although you’d like to turn up the dial on your throughput, a genuine fear of plant upsets keeps you from pushing rates even harder, or your current yeast option just isn't fast enough.

But what if you could get industry-leading production rates on top of the reliability you already have or seek to improve the consistency in your plant?

Transform your fermentations to make more, faster

Innova® Turbo is the industry’s fastest, highest yielding yeast – a drop-in solution designed to manage the rigors that high volume plants require.

With Innova® Turbo, you’ll see additional yield gains of up to 3% and be able to:

  • Thrive with high ethanol tolerance >16% w/v

  • Ferment high solids with ease >35%

  • Enjoy thermotolerance up to 101oF when fermentation temperature excursions occur 

  • Reduce glycerol up to 21% and improve DDGS handling

  • Power through organic acid challenges (0.8% lactic, 0.3% acetic)

  • Eliminate yeast nutritional supplements and reduce urea up to 90%

Innova® Apex:

Struggling to decide between
reliability and improved yield?

Most producers say that fermentation is the greatest opportunity for process improvement. But standing between you and high ethanol yields are challenges posed by kinetics, solids, consistency, and production stress.

To maintain competitiveness, you’re continually under pressure to improve efficiency and margins. Based upon the limitations of other yeasts, you find yourself compromising between higher yields and robust yeasts that uphold production consistency even in the most stressful environments.

But what if you didn’t have to compromise? What if you could take advantage of market conditions, get the most yield out of your corn, and do so without sacrificing robustness and consistency?

Hit every curve with confidence

Innova® Apex is the industry’s most robust and highest yielding yeast, helping you to hit your mark for your best performance.

With Innova® Apex, you’ll achieve greater than 2% ethanol yields compared to Innova® Force and be able to:

  • Push up to 36% solids for higher ethanol titers (>15.5%)

  • Consistently finish at less than 0.1% glucose

  • Tolerate temperature excursions up to 101ºF

  • Perform in high acids: 0.6% lactic and 0.4% acetic

  • Eliminate yeast nutritional supplements and reduce urea up to 90%


Innova® Quantum:

Are you sacrificing plant consistency
to chase ethanol yield?

Profitability has never been more important to ethanol producers – and fermentation solution choices are not in short supply. But several require you to choose between process consistency and yield, reduce your staff's efficiency, and expose your plant to profitability gaps.

When you've invested in fermentation capacity to maximize starch conversion, why risk that investment with yeast incapable of handling even the slightest upset, require you to lower solids, and increase urea and nutritional supplements. Only with Innova Quantum can you capture the highest yields possible while taking back control of your fermentations. Get the most from your operation, consistently with Innova Quantum.

Breaking the limits of
performance without tradeoffs

Innova® Quantum is the industry’s highest yielding, most robust fermentation solution for longer fermentations, de-risking your process to consistently yield results.

With Innova® Quantum, you’ll enjoy yield gains of up to 2-3% consistently, and be able to:

  • Thrive with high ethanol tolerance >16% w/v

  • Tolerate temperature excursions up to 98ºF

  • Power through organic acid challenges: 0.5% lactic

  • Eliminate yeast nutritional supplements and reduce urea up to 90%


Is using urea holding back your ethanol plant?

Is using urea holding back your ethanol plant?

In the fermentation process, urea provides yeast with the nitrogen it needs to thrive. But now that this once-cheap ingredient is hitting record-high prices, many ethanol producers wonder: Is urea still providing a competitive advantage, or should we be looking at other options?

In our article, we look at the science behind yeast nutrition, including the importance of nitrogen for yeast health, the pros and cons of different nitrogen sources, and what you can do to improve plant performance.

Fermentation flexibility you can depend on

Fermentation flexibility you can depend on

Hear from Dan Sanders Jr., Vice President of Front Range Energy, about why they trust Innova® yeast to deliver optimized yield -- despite variable plant conditions and fermentation rates.

Dealing with summer heat yeast stress

Dealing with summer heat yeast stress

It happens every year: Spring and summer weather brings a rise in heat and humidity that can negatively affect ethanol production. So what are some steps you can take to mitigate these effects?

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Ready to take your fermentation to the next level?

Ready to take your fermentation to the next level?

Talk with one of our technical experts who can help you choose a solution that’s right for your plant.