Yeast, Cryovial/ADY

Cellerity® 1.0

Cellerity® 1.0 is an advanced yeast strain that allows you to co-ferment both C5 and C6 sugars.  Cellerity® 1.0 also delivers fast xylose use in fermentation. The result is higher ethanol yields for your plant. 

Cellerity® 1.0 is not available in Europe.

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Key Benefits Description
  • Fast ethanol production

    With Cellerity® 1.0  you get fast ethanol production with high yield at low yeast pitch.

  • Rapid xylose conversion

    Cellerity® 1.0 can rapidly metabolize xylose. The result is low residual sugars and higher yields.

  • Flexibility in nitrogen sources

    Cellerity® 1.0 can use nitrogen from a range of sources. That means you can generally use the most cost-effective and/or widely available nitrogen source. 

  • Broad robustness

    Cellerity® 1.0 can tolerate high levels of inhibitors as well as wide temperature and pH variations. 

  • Lower CAPEX

    Separate processing of C5 and C6 sugar streams means higher CAPEX for your plant. With Cellerity® 1.0 you can co-process C5 and C6 sugars for CAPEX savings. 

Cellulosic hydrolysate typically contains high levels of inhibitory compounds. Cellerity® 1.0 has been selectively bred to tolerate these levels. That means that you can co-process C5 and C6 sugar streams. With Cellerity® 1.0 you can speed up ethanol production and boost yields at low yeast pitch. Cellerity® 1.0 is available in cryovials (Cellerity® V 1.0) for propagation in your plant or as a ready-to-use, activated dried yeast (Cellerity® S 1.0).