Enzymes in Craft Brewing

Enzymes are a natural part of the brewing process and play an important role in each step of the process. Novozymes’ brewing enzymes enhance the process for you by providing more refined and stabilized enzymes for your brew and giving you the ability to target specific reactions for better results.

Benefits of Enzymes 

Enzymes are a tool for craft breweries to reduce costs, accelerate production processes and achieve consistently high beer quality while combining profitability with sustainability. By enabling flexible raw material use and lowering energy consumption, enzymes offer new opportunities to secure process that are right the first time, and that enable to creation of tasty and inviting brews for beer lovers around the world. Our solutions cover a wide range of brewing applications such as:

  • Raw material optimization
  • Cost-effective cereal cooking
  • Efficient wort separation and beer filtration
  • Attenuation control and light beer production
  • Fermentation control with Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) optimization
  • Diacetyl control

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of enzymes combined with an extensive range of services with a shared goal - to support you in finding innovative ways to optimize your products, processes and profits. Working together, we can help your current product portfolio cater more distinctly to local consumer needs. We can also help secure right-first-time processes with a variety of raw materials, and ensure the most profitable route to your high quality beer. 

What other brewers say

Holy Christmas! I think I am getting over 90% efficiency on the GF side. Went from 70-77 to at least 90%, game changer for me. So excited!

- Andrew Kalinoski, Cofounder of Armored Cow Brewing Company (8.3.2020)

Ondea Pro is a pretty exciting development for gluten-free brewing, and over at Otherwise Brewing, we've been experimenting with it a lot.

- Aaron Gervais, Cofounder and Head Brewer of Otherwise Brewing (3.11.2020)

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The primary reason we are interested in enzymes is to maximize the potential quality of our product. Efficiency is somewhat or a by-product of that.

- J. D. Angell - Head Brewer at White Street Brewing Co. (3.19.2020)

I can say that your product gave far better results and I will prefer to use yours for my future brews.
(Regarding the use of Ceremix Flex)

- Ethan, Founder and brewer at The Highway Brewing Co. (6.15.2020)

I've now used Maturex and Ultraflo in a few beers and I've been very impressed with the results ... I'm a pretty happy brewer over here.

- Matt White, Owner & Brewer at Beachcrest Brewing Company (6.30.2020)

First time using it today and we raised the efficency by 6% which is awesome. I'm sure we'll be ordering in the near future. We appreciate your help!

- Bruno Simão and Alex Boettcher, Brewers at Arundel Cellars Brewing Company (8.12.2020)

I had a significant jump in attenuation 20%, time saved 150 to 120 min mash, and wort returned from mash 20%. You have a happy customer!

- Matthew Williamson, Owner & Brewer at Williamson Mead and Brewing (9.27.2020)

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