More tea, please

More tea, please

Do you want an increase in Fine leaf count and plucking points? Would you like to increase yields by enhancing your tea plant’s nutritional capabilities - regardless of crop variety, soil or environmental conditions? Learn more about our new solution Novozymes Ratchet®.

Meet the demand of a growing tea market

Meet the demand of a growing tea market

Although India is one of the largest producer of tea globally, they can only meet 75% of local demand. At the same time, the export is growing more than 5% every year. Other challenges include: declining tea prices and climate change. In this article, we look at the challenges that Indian tea producers face and how to keep pace with the growing tea market.

Significant yield improvements

Significant yield improvements

Ratchet® has been tested across major Tea growing regions of North East (TRA) and Southern India (UPASI). 

Ratchet® sprayed at 60ml/ha has shown significant yield improvements of 9.9%-10.3% in the Assam region, 14%-17.9% under Dooars conditions, 13.5% in the Darjeeling region, 6.2%-19.7% in the Nilgiris, 9.7%-10.8% in the Annamalais, 17.5% in the High Ranges and 7.6% in Central Travancore. Significant decrease in Banjhi spell was observed throughout the period of the study.


Source: Final Research reports submitted to Novozymes by TRA and UPASI.

Explore the benefits

Significant increase in Fine leaf count and plucking points

Reduction in banjhi spell

Enhanced yield and green leaf quality

Improved strength, briskness, TSS and Polyphenol content of made tea

Significant improvement in organoleptic parameters

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“With Ratchet®, tea farmers can help protect their crops and their income from increased abiotic stress pressures caused by a changing climate."

Rajeev Dwiwedi, Business Development Manager - BioAg, Novozymes