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The dairy industry is evolving. 
Are you? 

As food megatrends and consumer demands reshape the dairy industry, it’s crucial for dairy brands to keep up with the times to stay relevant and profitable.

What product claims and benefits do you want to include in your dairy portfolio? Novozymes can help.

Your dairy products, but naturally better

Your dairy products, but naturally better

Extract the magic hidden deep inside raw dairy by unlocking its true elemental qualities. Leverage your dairy’s true potential for superior texture and taste, health-related benefits, and label-friendly and sustainable products that satisfy modern consumer expectations.

Unlock more of the magic of your raw materials

Consumers want more. You can provide it to them.

Consumers want more. You can provide it to them.

Deliver more than an affordable, great-tasting dairy product; see how to make clean-label dairy products that contribute to your consumers' overall health by means of less added sugar, more protein, and higher fiber content.

Our booklet is all you need - market insights, an overview of product claims and health benefits, and solutions that help grow your business - all in one place.

Your trusted innovation partner

Novozymes is your trusted partner and all-rounded enzyme supplier for dairy with best-in-class capabilities and the broadest portfolio in the industry, including enzymes with unique functionalities and enzymes suitable for organic production.

  • Superior know-how in technical implementation
  • Reliable supply chain with state-of-the-art production facilities in four continents
  • Best-in-class industrial microbial enzymes with consistent product quality, yielding superior performance compared to animal and plant-based enzymes
  • All our enzymes have gone through the strictest safety and quality testing
  • Our enzymes can help reduce the CO2 footprint of final products