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Novozymes Pristine® is a ground-breaking technology that liberates trapped body grime from laundry and offers a new baseline of cleaning.

Rethink hand dishwash

Rethink hand dishwash

The hand dishwash category may seem unchangeable. But new consumer insights and innovative formulations present a strong business opportunity for changing the hand dishwash market. Let your products take a leap forward.

What do consumers expect from hand dishwashing?

What do consumers expect from hand dishwashing?

Effectiveness and convenience, fast action and deep cleaning, hard on soils, gentle on hands. Get all that and more, with the power of enzymes.

High-performing dish detergents

With enzymes in your hand dishwash detergents, you can deliver on the performance benefit claims that consumers most care about — from powerful, fast action to effective deep cleaning. Biodegradable, renewable enzymes can also support more eco-friendly formulations.

Clean and green

A natural, deep cleaning solution to improve performance on stubborn stains and to ensure hygiene for a cleaner, safer home environment.

Cut soaking time

A dishwashing solution so powerful, consumers do not have to use extra additives or time-consuming tricks to battle these complex stains.

Cut scrubbing effort

Dishwashing made easier. With an enzymatic dishwashing solution, get better wash results with 50% less effort.

Dishwashing made easier. Faster. More effective.

Dishwashing made easier. Faster. More effective.

See how stubborn starch and protein-based soils of rich Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines get effectively removed with the active action of amylase and protease. Let's convert consumer pain points to business opportunities for you, with Intensa® Core 220L.

Rethink your solutions

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