Protease, Liquid

ProEx FG

ProEx FG has been designed to deliver superior yeast viability and feedstock conversion leading to higher ethanol yields.  

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Description Details

ProEx FG is an endo-protease that hydrolyzes internal peptide bonds. It is effective at typical fermentation and Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) conditions.

Improved yeast health 

ProEx FG hydrolyzes proteins to produce smaller peptide lengths and amino nitrogen. The result is a more accessible source of nitrogen and hence better yeast health and improved fermentation nutrition.    

Higher ethanol yield 

By improving yeast viability, ProEx FG increases feedstock conversion. The result is higher ethanol yields.

Less exogeneous nitrogen to fermentation

Amino acids and small peptides provide preferential nitrogen source to urea or ammonia

Faster fermentation kinetics

Increased fermentation kinetics from yeast health benefit