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Together, we can change baked goods for good

A growing number of consumers are looking for health claims or check the nutrition label of their foods. There's no doubt that consumers want to eat more healthily. But how can we help them get there? How can we make baked goods that are more nutritious, but also just as delicious as consumers expect them to be? 

Together, we can change baked goods for good

For healthier populations and better baking business

We’re facing a food related health crisis, and we need to explore ways to enable healthy eating habits. Why not focus on improving the nutritional profile of the foods that the world eats the most: baked goods and cereal-based foods.

Through the Novozymes Healthy Baking Initiative, we’re exploring and commercializing the next generation of baked goods with healthier nutritional profiles together with customers and partners. We do so to support healthier populations and growing bakery businesses around the world. 

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What do consumers want?

Naturally healthy

Consumers everywhere are looking for baked goods containing healthier ingredients and raw materials like whole grains, Ancient Grains and natural fibers. 

Nutritionally balanced

Reduced sugar, reduced salt, increased fiber and fat-free products are becoming increasingly popular to consumers.

Proactive health

Thanks to the digital revolution, consumers everywhere are more educated and aware of their health than ever before. 

Bridge the gap with appealing high-fiber bread

Bridge the gap with appealing high-fiber bread

Most people are not getting enough fiber – this deficiency is known as The Fiber Gap. Bread is a great way to get more fiber, but fiber also tends to make bread denser and drier.

How can you bake an appealing, soft, high-fiber bread that stays fresh for longer and reduce your need for emulsifiers at the same time?

Bake wholewheat bread a whole lot better

Bake wholewheat bread a whole lot better

Consumers are increasingly opting for wholegrain bread because they are the healthier option. But it can be a challenge to make wholegrain breads because they tend to be denser and stale faster.

How can you make a delicious wholegrain bread that stays fresh for longer?

Unlock the appeal of pulses

Unlock the appeal of pulses

Consumers want healthy, protein- and fiber-rich breads. But they also demand breads that look appealing and deliver a great eating experience.

Are you ready to overcome the texture and appearance challenges associated with pulses to unlock the appeal of pulse breads?

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Let's change baked goods together

Let's change baked goods together

Are you a bakery, formulator, university or other research entity looking to partner with one of the world's strongest science brands to solve health and nutrition challenges?