Save up to 9 € per ton on fibers in your paper mill

Save up to 9 € per ton on fibers in your paper mill

With Novozymes FiberCare® you can unlock the natural strength of your paper, enabling you to substitute expensive fibers with less expensive ones. This way, your production costs are reduced.

Calculate how much you can save on fiber costs

Try the calculator to identify how much your mill could potentially save on fiber costs. Please input the types of fibers used (as a minimum of two types), their cost per ton, and their percentage of final furnish.

Savings on fiber costs


Selected fibers and furnish split

Types of fibers
Cost per fiber type (€/ton)
% of final furnish

Your Potential Cost Savings

By substituting 5% of your with a less expensive fiber type with FiberCare.

Save up to

In gross cost savings per ton of finished product
In cost savings per year

The actual number of savings depends on the application that is most relevant in your paper mill. In order to get a more detailed understanding of relevant application and savings in your mill, please connect with our experienced pulp and paper technical specialist.



Today, papermakers are challenged in various ways.

  • Declining demand for printing and writing paper 
  • Volatile and increasing fiber prices 
  • Supply chain issues challenging steady feedstock flow
  • Rising energy prices

Novozymes FiberCare® lets you cut the cost of high-priced fibers through fiber substitution. The result is a more cost-effective production, proofed for today's challenges as well as for the future.  

Additional routes to fiber savings

FiberCare® also allows you to save in material costs in other ways, for example through increasing the total filler content of your paper or through reducing basis weight with the same final strength properties.

More filler, less fiber

Fiber savings can also be achieved by replacing fibers with filler, as illustrated in this example. 

  • Paper production with 20% filler
  • A substiution target of 1% fiber with filler 
  • Assumed fiber and filler price delta 600 €/ton 

Total value created: 6 €/ton in production savings.


With light-weighting, you reduce the overall fiber in your final products, while maintaining end-product specifications, as illustrated here.

  • 80 gsm paper with 20% filler 
  • A target of basis-weight reduction of 1 gsm 
  • Assumed furnish price 750  €/ton

Total value created: 9 €/ton in production savings. 

How can your paper mill benefit from FiberCare?

If you're interested in learning more about how enzymes can help your paper mill, book a call with our technical specialists via the button below 

What you get with FiberCare®

As well as allowing you to save on expensive Fibers, with FiberCare your paper business can benefit from enhanced productivity as well as reduce your need for energy and decrease the rising energy costs. 

Fiber savings

Improves the bonding and strengthening potential of fiber, allowing you to replace costly fibers with less expensive ones.

Energy savings

Enhances fiber's response to refining and reduces the energy needed to meet strength specifications in production output. 

Improve fiber properties with minimal operational adjustment