What if you could stand out, not just fit in?
Rethink your potential

What if you could stand out, not just fit in?
Rethink your potential

Novozymes’ global graduate program

Two-year program

Our two-year graduate program focuses on cultural and organizational inclusion through trust building and networking activities. As a graduate, you will experience both local and international rotations, complete specialized training and participate in global networking activities which, when combined, facilitates your tailor-made learning journey. In addition, you will also receive coaching and mentoring sessions that support your personal and professional growth.





Local and international rotations


Mentoring and coaching


Tailor-made learning journey


Global graduate networking and collaboration


We take onboarding seriously. We want to ensure you experience a smooth transition into Novozymes, allowing you to get up to speed quickly. You and your manager will closely align to ensure your onboarding plan fits your specific needs. As part of the process, you will be assigned a buddy – an informal go-to person and the first building block in your future global network.

Local and international rotations

As a Graduate, you will be hired into a specific role that enables you to specialize in one overall area of our business. As part of the program, you will gain an enterprise-wide understanding of Novozymes. You will be exposed to various parts of our business through rotations. Rotations can have different lengths and focuses. The most relevant rotations for your growth will be up to you to identify and plan together with your manager.

Mentoring and coaching

During the program you are expected to participate in our mentor/mentee program. We believe that a good mentorship can add a beneficial dimension to both personal and professional growth. Additionally, you will receive coaching to help you to choose the right path forward in your career.

Tailor-made learning journey

We believe that on-the-job training is the most important place to learn, however we also know that we need to support your learning journey by adding new knowledge and insights to feed your interests and support your growth. Throughout the program, we offer all graduates a catalogue of training opportunities, where you can choose what is most relevant for you in your ongoing journey.

Global Graduate networking and collaboration

When you join as a Graduate, you will have access to an international network from day one. All Graduates starting the same year are part of an online community you will collaborate and network across countries and line of businesses. At least one time during the graduate program you will get to meet your fellow graduates in person.

Meet our young professionals

Nikolaj Fabricius Stryhn
Strategy Consultant,

With a background in economics and experience from startups, I joined as a Finance Graduate in 2019. This opportunity gave me a unique perspective on our business as I had the opportunity to rotate between six different functions – a perspective I utilize in my current position as part of the Corporate Strategy Development team.

Alessia Carboni 
Regional Account Manager,

I started my journey in Novozymes as a Commercial Graduate in Global Marketing Household Care. In my first role, I have been responsible for the re-launch of a new technology – furthermore, I have been involved in the roll-out of global initiatives to all the regional teams around the world. I am now responsible for medium accounts in Europe and looking forward to travelling again.

Yuxuan Tang
Commercial Trainee,

Working in Novozymes means you are not only working for personal gain and career progress, but also for the commonwealth and a greater good. People in Novozymes come from cross-cultural backgrounds and share similar values towards the future of sustainability. The company always encourages people to grow and cross boundaries.

Marie-Louise Søgaard
EA to EVP for Consumer Biosolutions,

I joined Novozymes as a Finance Graduate and after five fantastic rotations I transitioned directly into the EA position. I believe Novozymes is a great place to work because I work with awesome colleagues, who loves what they do, to secure a greener tomorrow. Together, we make sustainability possible.

Navneet Sharma
Market Insight Analyst,

Working in Novozymes gives you the opportunity to choose a career of your choice. It’s a flat organization which means you can reach out to anybody in the company globally for advice. You get to work directly with the company leadership, which involves a great amount of learning and exposure. Our company culture is simply amazing and feedback is always appreciated.

Alisa Fayyad
Business Finance Partner,
North America

In 2016, I joined the Novozymes team as a Graduate which enabled me to try out various roles in finance before picking my path. I’ve since had the opportunity to support both R&D and Commercial functions, enabling better decision making across multiple industries and regions. It’s very fulfilling knowing the role I have at Novozymes today is helping to build a better tomorrow.