Making maltose syrup production easier

Making maltose syrup production easier

Looking to limit sugar crystallization, keep cookies soft, prevent glazes and icings from separating or avoid haze in lager beer? Novozymes’ enzymes allow easy and cost-effective production of consistent maltose syrups that matches your needs.

With maltose syrups you can:

Limit sugar crystallization

Keep cookies soft

Prevent glazes and icings from separating

Limit sugar bloom

Avoid haze in lager beer

Decrease osmotic pressure in fermentations

Create smooth mouthfeel with less fat in the formulation

Article: Why maltose is trending, and what that means for producers

When added to your favorite food & beverage products, maltose provides taste, texture and consistent quality – and, thanks to consumer demand, it’s only growing in popularity. But what are the trends fueling this growth? Why maltose, and not an ingredient like fructose? And what are the challenges for producers in meeting this demand?

In this article, we answer these questions and more, including a closer look at technologies that are making maltose production easier and more cost effective.

New standard: Maltera® Standard

New standard: Maltera® Standard

Setting new standards, our newest solution Maltera® Standard offers you a trouble-free route to maltose production with a low risk of infection.

It allows you to produce a consistent maltose syrup quality syrup with good filtration properties and low viscosity.

It works across a wide range of applications and also allows you to produce syrups with up to 55% maltose, while reducing costs.

What is it?

What is it?

  • A blend of two maltogenic amylases

  • 2x strength versus Fungamyl® of 800 L when used at optimal conditions: 65° C pH 4,5

  • Sugar profile close to that of Fungamyl® 800 L

  • High purity and good storage stability

Key benefits

Key benefits

  • Trouble-free process: Experience a trouble-free route to maltose production with a low risk of infection, no starch haze and precipitation problems

  • Consistent performance: Achieve robustness to variations in temperature, pH and calcium levels

  • Improved supply convenience: Get high concentration and good storage stability

  • No pH adjustment when using LpHera®

Insights and opportunities: Maltose syrups

Insights and opportunities: Maltose syrups

Read our report summarizing trends and consumers tastes in the growing maltose syrup market.

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To learn more about why maltose is so interesting and what we can do for you to improve your maltose production, request a free sample, get in touch or sign up to our future webinars. 

“Our customers have embraced the process flexibility provided by Secura® for production of high maltose syrups – now Maltera® Standard brings the same thermotolerance, pH flexibility, and calcium independence to the world of mid- and low-maltose syrup production." 

Larry Peckous, Principal Scientist - Starch & Grain, Novozymes