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Novozymes Pristine® is a ground-breaking technology that liberates trapped body grime from laundry and offers a new baseline of cleaning.

Enzymes for a greener and safer cleaning performance

Enzymes for a greener and safer cleaning performance

Consumers demand full product transparency and sustainably-made products with green and safe ingredients and responsible packaging. All this while retaining superior quality and performance. 

With Novozymes, you can do this AND set new standards in the detergent industry.  

The industry is evolving

What is the recipe for winning over the growing segment of green consumes? 

Ecolabels often push beyond legislation to drive consumer behaviour

Certification organizations often increase requirements for consumer products and therefore directly raw materials - and often push beyond what regulators have set of limitations. This helps assure consumers that labelled products are the best when it comes to safety and sustainability.

For the preservative free requirements on detergent formulations, EU regulation has a general labelling requirement. However, EU Flower are setting a limit for preservatives to obtain the certification of 0,005%. Moreover, we see that both Nordic Swan and EcoCert are banning preservatives all together. 

In line with ecolabels, we also see some consumer test magazines punishing products in evaluations, if they contain preservatives less sustainable or sensitive ingredients. Equal with the preservative regulation, Ecolabel in the EU are also setting lower limits or completely banning TiO2 from the formulation with the October 21 regulation. 

Consumers are increasingly gaining environmental consciousness 

Another big driver of the green transition is the change in consumer eco-consciousness. Today 67% of consumers identify with being environmentally aware, which means they have a general awareness of how their behavior and actions affect the environment. 

A large consumer segment is at the tipping point of converting to greener products. To understand this growing consumer segment, we have conducted and analyzed several consumer surveys. We see that different consumer segments ‘convert’ at different times as they are motivated by different drivers. Green & safe detergents must be trustworthy, they must perform, they must be priced reasonably, and they must be available in general supermarkets.  

Read our new consumer insights study.

Full enzyme portfolio for EcoCert certified detergents

For green and free-from products, Novozymes offers a full product portfolio for both liquid and powder detergents. Our liquid products are preservative-free and our powders are TiO2-free.

Our enzymes are raw materials verified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE and conform to the Ecodetergents standard. 

This full enzyme product range is designed to deliver the same high performance, quality and stability with only minor changes in color. Powered only by necessary ingredients.

Comply with regulatory requirements and deliver on consumer demand

Novozymes' newest green and free-from portfolio of enzymes delivers both great product performance and is in regulatory compliance encouraging green trust through certification.