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Novozymes Pristine® is a ground-breaking technology that liberates trapped body grime from laundry and offers a new baseline of cleaning.

How to set your business apart with enzymes

Enzymes are proteins produced naturally within all living beings. They work as catalysts to speed up internal processes. 
Using biotechnology, Novozymes has created enzymatic solutions that help your powder detergent and your business.

Make your powder detergent the family's choice

Stand apart from the rest

The detergent market in Nigeria and Ghana is highly competitive.
Consumers see brands come and go.

By using enzymes, ensure that your detergent brand stays on top – despite all market challenges.

Budget-friendly way to power up your formulation

Achieve a winning detergent that becomes the family's choice - without any additional cost to your business. See for yourself how simple and effective the reformulation exercise can be for your powder detergent.

At Novozymes, we are ready to help you move your powder detergent solutions forward. Let’s talk to explore how we can help you.

Unlock your business opportunity
  • Save up to 10% in formulation cost
  • Get at least 5% more powerful detergent performance
  • Decrease your dependency on expensive surfactants
  • Reformulate and go-to-market within 6 months
  • Get extensive support from skilled experts in technical implementation

There are many myths surrounding enzymes.
How many can you debunk?

Explore our solutions for powder detergents

Shield your brand from the volatile detergent market by adapting enzymes in your formulation. Avoid business churn and loss of customer loyalty with a product line that benefits both your business and your consumers.

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Enzymes and their 3 main business benefits