Lipase, Immobilized (granular)

Lipozyme® TL IM

Get higher yields of better quality interesterified oils and fats with Lipozyme® TL IM. Enzymatic interesterification with Lipozyme® TL IM offers various advantages over chemical interesterification. It allows you to produce high-quality, trans fat-free oils and fats. These are suitable for trans fat-free margarine and other products. All without using harsh chemicals or generating unwanted by-products.  

Also available in 60 L pack size.

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Key Benefits Description
  • Trans fat-free oils and fats

    This product is a selective biological catalyst. It does not generate trans fat in interesterification.

  • More cost-effective process

    This product interesterifies fat through a continuous process. This is a more cost-effective process than continuous running in chemical interesterification.

  • Simpler process

    The continuous process needed for this product takes fewer unit operations than chemical processes. It also cuts out the need for washing and post-bleaching.

  • Better safety

    With this product, you can completely avoid the use of hazardous chemical catalysts such as sodium methoxide. It works in a process with much lower temperatures than chemical ones.

  • Better quality oils and fats

    Unlike chemicals, it preserves natural anti-oxidants. That improves oxidative stability for better quality oils and fats.

  • Higher oil yields

    With this product you can avoid post-bleaching and associated oil losses in your process. That's because, unlike chemical processes, the enzymatic process doesn't generate unwanted by-products.

  • Lower capital cost

    The process needed for this product only needs simple reactors. That means putting this product in place takes lower capital investment than chemical interesterification.

  • More sustainability

    This product reduces energy use, acidification and smog formation. That can potentially result in greenhouse gas emission reductions. A life cycle assessment study showed CO2 reductions of up to 22% compared to chemical interesterification with this product.

Produce interesterified oils and fats more efficiently and sustainably with  Lipozyme® TL IM. The enzyme is immobilized on a carrier. This carrier rearranges the fatty acids preferentially, but not uniquely, in the Sn1- and Sn3-positions of the triglycerides.