Lipase, Immobilized (granular)

Lipozyme® 435 for oleochemicals

With Lipozyme® 435, you can improve the quality of your esters. You can also benefit from a more cost-effective and sustainable process.

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Key Benefits Description
  • Higher ester yield

    This product operates at milder conditions, than chemical routes, resulting in fewer impurities. That means fewer post-treatment steps. As post-treatment is associated with yield loss, this product gives you higher overall ester production yield.

  • Lower operational cost

    This product reduces the need for post-treament steps. That leads to higher overall ester production yield which in turn leads to a lower operational cost.

  • Higher quality esters

    Enzymatic process conditions are milder and enzymatic reactions have fewer side reactions. The result is less color and odor in your esters. Enzymes also reduce or even eliminate taste and toxic compounds.

  • More sustainable

    The process conditions associated with enzymatic esterification are milder than with chemical routes. That means they need less energy and generate less effluent. They also allow you to avoid the use of harsh chemicals as catalysts. The end result is a lower carbon footprint for your operation.

Lipozyme® 435 reduces the number of post-treatment steps needed. That reduces the operational cost of your esterification process. With Lipozyme® 435 you can also avoid the impurities and by-products that form at high temperatures.