Lipase, Immobilized (granular)

Lipozyme® 435 for omega-3 oils

This product allows you to produce higher quality omega-3 based tri-glycerides, where the levels of DHA and EPA on the tri-glyceride are increased.

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Key Benefits Description
  • More natural and robust process

    The process associated with this product is simpler than with chemicals. As no by-products form during the process, there is less need for post-processes.

  • Few by-products

    Through a natural reaction, this product produces high quality omega-3. It does this without generating unwanted by-products.

  • Preserves natural color

    Chemicals impact oxidants in oil, leading to off-color. This product allows a chemical-free process, so the natural color of your oils is preserved.

  • Chemical free production

    Chemical-free production may improve market perception of your product.

This product is a nonspecific lipase; it's active on a broad range of fatty acids and is an efficient tool in condensing fatty acids to alcohols.
The enzyme reaction with this product occurs at mild temperatures. That limits the destruction of heat-labile components.