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Quara® Boost for water degumming

With Quara® Boost you can reduce phospholipid content and access more oil than you thought possible. It allows you to achieve up to 2% extra oil yield and reduce low-value by-product levels by up to 40% .  

Also available in 27.5 L pack size.

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Key Benefits Description
  • Higher oil yields

    By converting phospholipids into extra Diacylglycerol (DAG) oil, this product generates more oil. This process also reduces emulsification strength, which releases neutral oil from gums. The result an increase of between 1% and 2% in oil yields. The amount of extra oil generated depends on the P content of your crude oil.

  • Higher profitability

    By generating more oil and lower gum levels, this product brings extra revenue and boosts your profitability.

  • Higher protein content in meal

    By allowing you to capture more oil, this product reduces protein dilution. The result is that you can consistently meet your meal's minimum protein level requirements and cut your drying needs.

  • Easier gum separation

    This product breaks down phospholipids. The result is lower viscosity in gums. That makes your separation process easier and reduces your neutral oil losses.

  • Improved sustainability

    By generating more oil, this product allows you to get more with lower raw material and process inputs. That can potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your process by up to 2%.

Phospholipids create a range of challenges for your refining process. They compromise the quality of your oil and cause oil waste in production. Quara® Boost consists of two phospholipase C molecules that hydrolyze around 75% of the phospholipids PC, PE and PI.  Quara® Boost can also deliver 2% more oil compared to traditional water degumming. It does this by converting phospholipids into Diacylglycerol (DAG) oil and releasing more neutral oils from gums. 

See how Quara® Boost helps increase oil yield

See how Quara® Boost helps increase oil yield

Phospholipids present a host of challenges for competitive oil processors. With Novozymes Quara® Boost, we're helping oil refineries reduce phospholipid content and access more oil than they thought possible. Watch this video to know how our technology works.

What could this mean for your business?

What could this mean for your business?

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