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Release more goodness from your plant-based meat 

Consumers are reducing their meat consumption and looking for plant-based meat to satisfy their senses. But how do you achieve this?


When it comes to plant-based meat, there’s no getting around it: consumers want deep flavors and an amazing eating experience. After all, if it doesn’t feel or taste right when you sink your teeth into a plant-based burger, would you want to take another bite?

Novozymes biological solutions help you unlock the potential of plant ingredients to make plant-based meat that consumers will love.

Plus, our solutions are sustainable by nature and label-friendly.

Reduce salt and boost umami

Taste is king! But how do you achieve a delicious meat-like taste when your meaty substance is based on plants? 

With Novozymes Protana®, you can produce enzymatically hydrolyzed vegetable protein, eHVP for short, which is a natural solution to flavor enhancement. EHVP increases the perceived saltiness of your plant-based meat by activating taste buds that are linked to umami receptors. This means you can achieve great savory taste and reduce the added salt content. It also means that your production of natural and tasty eHVP becomes more cost-effective and consumer-friendly. 

Our studies show that hydrolyzing vegetable protein with Protana® could offer benefits beyond taste, such as better aroma formation and further cost reductions if used in-situ in the extrusion step of your process. 

Want to explore the in-situ flavor formation with Protana®?

Three sensory challenges in plant-based meat


We eat with our eyes. Food that looks attractive stands a better chance of being chosen, bought and eaten. But how do you create plant-based meat that look attractive at the store and on the plate?


The texture of plant-based meat is crucial. Texture provides the right mouthfeel, and the mouthfeel has to match what consumers expect – a meat-like eating experience. Does your product live up to expectations?


Balancing your raw materials and ingredients to create a delectable, umami-like taste is difficult. But to win over consumers, you first have to win on taste. Can your product satisfy the taste buds?

Meat consumer demands

Meat consumer demands

Humans have always been hunting for meat. Now, consumers are increasingly looking for meat alternatives that can satisfy this primal craving, but in a more sustainable way.

Our solutions can unleash the flavor potential in your plant materials and give consumers a heightened umami-experience in plant-based meat, while also cutting down on added salt. 

But won’t adding your solutions make my product labels longer?, you ask. Quite the contrary – because our enzyme solutions are processing aids, they don’t require labelling. That means you can reduce the complexity of your ingredient list and make both your product and packaging more attractive to consumers.

The big idea is that when consumers like what they taste, they’re likely to come back for more. And if consumers reach out for your plant-based meat alternative instead of animal-derived meat at the store, we can grow demand, accelerate the industry and make a positive impact on our planet together. 

Accelerate the industry together with us

Accelerate the industry together with us

Are you ready to make your plant-based meat even more delicious, nutritious and sustainable?

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