Protease, Liquid

Galaya® Smooth

​Galaya® Smooth is a specific protease that enables yogurt alternatives manufacturers to increase the content of added proteins while achieving the delicious and desired smooth texture that consumers want.

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Applications Key Benefits Description

Galaya® Smooth works ideally on legume-based proteins such as soy, pea and lentil, which can be added to create high-protein plant-based yogurt and spread alternatives.​

  • High protein​

    Consumers are turning to plant-based foods to get their daily nutrients. In special focus is protein, because consumers worry they don’t get enough of this crucial building block for good health.

    With Galaya® Smooth you can give your plant-based yogurt and spread alternatives a protein boost, and achieve up to 9% protein by including more soy, pea or lentil-based proteins. Delivering the high-protein product consumers want without affecting texture negatively.​

  • Smooth texture

    Increasing the protein contents of your yogurt alternatives can be tricky for texture. And texture is a key differentiator when it comes to dairy alternatives.​

    The beauty of Galaya® Smooth is that you can increase the protein content of your yogurt – or spread – alternatives and still achieve a deliciously smooth texture that consumers will love.​

  • Simple labels​

    Consumers are actively scrutinizing labels and ingredient lists of food products to avoid undesirable ingredients such as additives and other unrecognizable agents.

    With our biologically-derived enzyme solution, you get a processing aid that requires no labelling on the final product. That makes your label shorter and simpler, and more attractive to consumers.

  • Easy implementation​

    ​Getting a higher protein content and a smooth texture in your yogurt or spread alternatives doesn’t have to be a hassle. Fortunately, Galaya® Smooth is easy to implement in your existing process.

Consumers are looking for higher amounts of protein in their plant-based yogurt alternatives. But increasing the protein content can lead to many challenges such as graininess and lumpiness.​

With Galaya® Smooth, you can achieve the protein increase your consumers are looking for without sacrificing the smooth texture they desire in both yogurt and spread alternatives.​