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Novozymes Pristine® is a ground-breaking technology that liberates trapped body grime from laundry and offers a new baseline of cleaning.
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Novozymes Pristine® 100 T

Novozymes Pristine® 100 T delivers a natural solution to renewal and protection of clothes and home textiles.

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Key Benefits Description Safe handling
  • Body grime removal enables new level of baseline cleaning

    The foundational benefit of Novozymes Pristine® is deep, hygienic cleaning of clothing and home textiles. By actively breaking down body grime into smaller components and freeing these from fabrics, Novozymes Pristine® resolves lingering consumer challenges at the fiber level.
  • Consumer perceivable benefits

    A significant number of consumers report ongoing challenges with malodor and whiteness issues. Solutions such as fragranced detergents, sanitizers, fabric softeners, and fragrance beads do not resolve the root cause of body grime. By removing sticky body grime, Novozymes Pristine® unlocks consumer perceivable benefits such as: Malodor removal & prevention Yellow-free underarms, and clean cuffs and collars Brilliant colors & whites

Novozymes Pristine® is a phosphodiesterase that breaks down body grime, enabling detergents to wash away this stubborn substance. As an enzyme, Novozymes Pristine® is a natural and biodegradable ingredient that removes and prevents both malodor and discoloration of textiles.

This product contains enzymes. While enzymes are safe to use in consumer applications, they need correct handling in working environments to ensure workers’ safety.

Indeed, repeated inhalation of enzyme dust or aerosols resulting from improper handling may induce sensitization and may cause allergic type 1 reactions in sensitized individuals.


Please follow the precautionary handling recommendations below:

  • Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapors/spray
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing
  • In case of inadequate ventilation wear respiratory protection
  • IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing
  • If experiencing respiratory symptoms: Call a POISON CENTER or a doctor
  • Store in a dry place. Store in a closed container
  • Dispose of contents/containers in accordance with local regulations


For more safety information, please watch the entire series of safety videos.

Watch our Freshness solution break down body grime

Watch our Freshness solution break down body grime

Novozymes Pristine® breaks down sticky body grime, which is the root cause of malodor and discoloration, and offers a whole new dimension of clean.

Watch how body grime develops in textiles and is released with Pristine®.

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No cover ups! Novozymes Pristine® addresses the underlying problem of malodor and discoloration and enables a new world of clean. 

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