Biofungicide, Liquid

Taegro® for Europe

Taegro® is a broad-spectrum microbial foliar fungicide for fruit and vegetables with multiple modes of action. It protects berries, small fruits, leafy, fruiting, root and tuber vegetables, cucurbits and ornamentals against a range of diseases. These include powdery mildew and botrytis. That allows you to maximize marketable yields.

Learn more through our distribution partner, Syngenta
Learn more through our distribution partner, Syngenta
Key Benefits Specifications
  • Broad fungicidal activity, proven efficacy

  • Low product application

  • 0 days preharvest interval/low preharvest interval

  • No resistance/minimal to no resistance

  • Novel modes of action

  • Multiple modes of action

  • OMRI certification

  • Great tool for IPM

  • Safe for pollinators/bees

  • Foliar

  • OMRI listed

Active ingredients: Bacillus subtilis var. amyloliquefaciens Strain FZB24

Taegro® is formulated with naturally-occurring Bacillus amyloliquefaciens bacterium. It provides protection against a wide range of soilborne and foliar pathogens. Taegro® is active in a variety of temperature and soil pH conditions. It has no MRL and has compatibility with a variety of pesticides and fertilizers. That means you can use it as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. It's a microbial solution with low application rates and short re-entry and pre-harvest intervals. The result is reduced chemical usage and compliance with various food chain requirements.