LCO Promoter Technology, Liquid

Ratchet® for Tea

Ratchet® is based on a unique molecule that, when present at the time of planting, enhances a tea plant’s nutritional capabilities. That immediately drives natural growth processes in your tea crop. This happens regardless of crop variety, soil or environmental conditions. Ratchet® improves green leaf quality while increasing fine leaf count and plucking points. With Ratchet®, you can reduce the banjhi spell. It improves the strength, briskness, Total Soluble Solids (TSS) and polyphenol content of made tea. It also significantly improves organoleptic parameters. Ratchet® is formulated for ease of use and is applied as a foliar spray. It's compatible with most post-applied spray programs.

Key Benefits Specifications
  • Improves yield potential

    This product can improve the yield potential of your crops by enhancing overall plant health and stress mitigation. It does this by increasing the availability of nutrients to plant roots.

  • Increases nutrient availability to encourage vigorous root growth and shoot development

    This product encourages root growth and shoot development, which are important components of better crop health. It does this by increasing nutrient availabilty and uptake by the plant.  

  • Supports early vigor

    This product gets your crops off to a better start by providing key nutrients. This contributes to improved yield potential.

  • Improves stress tolerance

    This product can help to reduce the impact of stress on your crops during the growing season. It does this by making nutrients more available to the plants, which improves overall crop health. 

  • Foliar

Active ingredients Ratchet® contains lipo-chitooligosaccharide 1.9 X 10-5 % (LCO SP104)
Packaging info 600 ml X 10 units
Application rate 25 ml/ac
Case treats 240 ac 


Ratchet® is Novozymes’ patented, foliar applied LCO Promoter Technology for tea. Formulated for ease of use and compatibility with post- dormancy applications. Ratchet® enhances the plant’s nutritional capabilities

Time of application
StageRatchet spray - Month
 End of First Flush Early April
 End of Second Flush  Early June
 Rain Flush Early August
 Autumn Flush Early October


Efficacy of Ratchet® in Major Tea growing regions of India

Fig 1.

Novozymes Ratchet® has been tested across major Tea growing regions of North East (TRA) and Southern India (UPASI). 

Ratchet®  sprayed at 60ml/ha has shown significant yield improvements of 9.9%-10.3% in the Assam region, 14%-17.9% under Dooars conditions, 13.5% in the Darjeeling region, 6.2%-19.7% in the Nilgiris, 9.7%-10.8% in the Annamalais, 17.5% in the High Ranges and 7.6% in Central Travancore. Significant decrease in Banjhi spell was observed throughout the period of the study.

Source: Final Research reports submitted to Novozymes by TRA and UPASI.