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Get a more effective, longer-lasting clean and add an extra dimension to your hard surface cleaner. Our microbial solutions are powered by nature to protect and clean deep for days and days.

Go beneath the surface of clean

Maintaining a clean work environment has always been important. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, regular cleaning and disinfecting have become more important than ever to keep people safe. That's where Novozymes comes in – with specialized microbes to break down dirt and stains, contributing to a healthier environment.

Microbes can:
  • Break down and remove many different types of residue and organic soil
  • Clean within the tiniest crevices and finest grooves
  • Keep working 7+ days after application
  • Contribute to the balance of the microbiome
  • Provide a safer clean, powered by nature

Microbes are the future of clean

Microbes are the future of clean

Learn more about how probiotic cleaners can help preserve the planet's resources and build better lives.

Microbial-based cleaners

Active on surfaces

Continuous clean

Powered by nature

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