Laccase, Granulate

Denilite® for denim finishing

Compared to traditional denim bleaching,  Denilite® products give you safer, more stable and faster denim bleaching. All without damage to stretch fibers. With Denilite® products you can create a range of innovative fashion looks. 

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Key Benefits
  • Creates innovative fashions and looks

    Their unique enzymatic technology means Denilite® products give a  distinctly different finish to traditionally bleached denim. That means you can create innovative fashions and looks that allow your garments to stand out.

  • Improves worker safety

    The enzymatic products in this family allow you to eliminate harsh chemicals from your desizing process. That leads to improved worker safety at your mill. 

  • A more sustainable solution

    Products in the Denilite® family bleach indigo to create a faded look. That allows you to reduce or even eliminate harsh chlorine-based bleach and potassium permanganate from your process.

  • Easy to use

    The products in this family stop working automatically after 15 minutes. That simplifies your process and gives you the same result batch after batch. 

  • Enhances abrasion effect

    This product enhances abrasion effect to improve contrast. The result is an overall improved appearance. 

  • Excellent anti-back staining properties

    The unique enzymatic technology in Denilite® products allows them to decolor indigo. That gives them the potential to completely eliminate back staining on garments. 

  • No damage to stretch fibers

    Traditional bleaching with hypochlorite damages stretch fibers. That's because hypochlorite is an unspecific chemical. It may potentially oxidize everything it comes in contact with. The enzymatic products in the Denilite® family are specific to indigo. The will only bleach the color, so you can avoid damage to stretch fibers.  

  • A safer solution for lightweight fabrics

    Achieving a good abrasion effect in lightweight fabrics can be a challenge due to their lower strength. The gentle action of Denilite®  products gives you excellent abrasion effects without weakening these fabrics.    

How laccases work in denim bleaching

Laccases use dioxygen from the air to fade denim. They're gentler on the environment and fabric than hypochlorite bleaches and enable unique, innovative looks.

The denim industry is highly trend-driven. Designers need to be able to create a wide range of shades and finishes. One tool at their disposal is bleaching to fade the blue indigo color. Conventional hypochlorite bleaching of denim is cheap, fast and efficient. The downside is that it's harsh on both fabrics and the environment and exposes workers to health risks. 

Laccases combined with mediator compounds achieve the same effect as hypochlorite bleaches. Laccases are oxidoreductase enzymes. These enzymes catalyze redox reactions. Redox reactions involve the transfer of electrons from one molecule to another. 

In chlorine-free denim bleaching, the mediator enables electron transfer from indigo to dioxygen from the air. The result is oxidized indigo with a faded look. 

Chlorine-free denim bleaching is a far more sustainable process than conventional hypochlorite bleaching. It's also better for fabrics, as it doesn't damage cotton fibers. 

Laccases improve the appearance of bleached denim as they don't affect sulfur-black dye or make fill yarns whiter. Their bleaching effect is also distinctly different from that of traditionally bleached denim. That allows designers to create innovative fashions and looks.