Make your plant more efficient with bioaugmentation

Microorganisms are the heart of any biological wastewater
system. In bioaugmentation, specialized microbial strains
are added to strengthen the existing microbial community.
Bioaugmentation is the cost-effective way to simplify your
operations and improve treatment efficiency.

For start-up, system efficiency, stability and recovery

When you're starting up, bioaugmentation can reduce the time it takes your system to reach MLSS, BOD removal and nitrification targets. Bioaugmentation is especially useful when you can't get high-quality sludge that's acclimated to your industry locally. 

Once your system is up and running, you can boost its efficiency by adding microorganisms that degrade target compounds. This approach is particularly useful if your plant is undersized. It can also help if there are operational control issues in your aeration stabilization basins. 

Bioaugmentation can also improve your plant's stability and accelerate upset recovery. That's because it enables microbial communities to better handle sudden changes that can reduce effluent quality.

The workhorses of wastewater

Explore our case studies to find out how bioaugmentation makes industries' and municipalities' wastewater operations more: 

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