Multi-microbe + enzyme blend, Powder

BG Max™ 3000

BG Max™ 3000 increases biogas production and makes anaerobic systems more efficient. It's ideal for industries that use anaerobic treatment for high-strength wastewaters. BG Max™ 3000 is a blend of beneficial microorganisms and fast-acting enzymes.

Target industries: Industrial wastewater

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Key Benefits Description
  • Increases biogas production

    This product is highly active during the hydrolysis and acidogenesis steps of biogas generation. Its blend of microorganisms and enzymes allow it to degrade a wide range of organic compounds. It also contains facultative microorganisms that thrive in both anaerobic and aerobic systems. The result is higher biogas yields for your plant.

  • Reduces solids production and sludge management cost

    Better conversion of organic into biogas also means less solids for downstream dewatering. This implies lower sludge disposal cost and reduced use of flocculants. 

  • Improves anaerobic treatment efficiency

    During changes in loading, influent composition and operator conditions, this product helps maintain anaerobic treatment performance. 

Anaerobic wastewater systems treat high-strength waste streams. But they're also very sensitive to fluctuations in loading, changes in wastewater composition and operating conditions. The blend of microorganisms and enzymes in BG Max™ 3000 helps overcome these deficiencies. The result is improved biogas generation and anaerobic treatment efficiency. 

BG Max™ 3000 significantly improved biogas production and power generation

BG Max™ 3000 significantly improved biogas production and power generation

A treatment with BG Max™ 3000 was initiated at a slaughterhouse to improve their operations and biogas production of their waste sludge anaerobic digester. 

Read the full case and explore how BG Max™ 3000 can improve your plant.

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