Microbes for ammonia removal

Fast and reliable wastewater nitrification

Microbes for ammonia removal

Ammonia - a challenge for most wastewater plants

Ammonia is present in most wastewater streams. In municipal plants, urea hydrolysis and the degradation of organic nitrogen compounds generate ammonium ions. In food processing wastewater plants, protein-rich wastewaters contain high concentrations of ammonium ions. In refinery wastewater, ammonium ions are often caused by the hydrolysis of amines used to inhibit corrosion in crude. Effective ammonia removal, or nitrification, is essential for wastewater treatment plants. Without it, they’re at risk of non-compliance and ammonia-related permit violations.

Nitrification is a sensitive process

Ammonia removal is a two-step biological process involving aerobic nitrifying bacteria. In the first step, ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) oxidize ammonium ions NH4+ to nitrite NO2-. In the second step, nitrite-oxidizing bacteria (NOB) oxidize nitrite to nitrate NO3-. However, these nitrifying bacteria grow very slowly. That makes nitrification a sensitive process. Environmental factors, toxicity, solids washout and loading variation can all easily interrupt nitrification in your plant. Recovery from upsets can also be slower in nitrification than in other wastewater treatment processes.

Make nitrification more robust with bioaugmentation

Make nitrification more robust with bioaugmentation

Bioaugmentation with our specially-selected nitrifying bacteria makes your nitrification process more robust. They thrive in most wastewater types, and respond quickly during upset conditions to restore consistent nitrification. The result is that our nitrifying bacteria solutions can help your plant withstand higher loading of toxic waste streams. They can also help your plant cope with high concentrations of ammonia or other nitrogenous compounds in waste streams. Our solutions for nitrification help shorten recovery times after upsets, maintain consistent nitrification during cold weather and reduce the impact of shock loads on effluent quality. That means you can keep your plant in compliance and reduce the risk of ammonia-related permit violations.

Which solution is right for you?

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* ++ equals highest benefit. 

BioRemove™ AM
Removes ammonia ++
Effective at low temperatures ++
BioRemove™ AM Light
Removes ammonia +
Effective at low temperatures +
Removes ammonia
Effective at low temperatures

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What could this mean for your business?

What could this mean for your business?

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