Improve the way you brew
with Novozymes

With Novozymes' brewing enzymes, brewers can process a variety of raw materials
and still brew the same great beer without compromising on the quality

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Go local and sustainable,
for your local farmers and the world

Traditionally, beer is brewed from barley malt, corn and rice. But none of these crops are local to Africa,
unlike sorghum and cassava.

With Novozymes, you can give your consumers a taste of national pride while supporting your local
economy and reducing your carbon footprint. It all starts with some enzymes.

Add Novozymes enzymes to improve your
brewing process and your beer

Reduce your brewing time while
brewing at higher temperatures

Reduce water and energy
consumption during the brewing

Gain higher yield with the same
amount of raw materials

Give consumers new, local
flavours without raising costs

Go green with Novozymes

By going local with your raw ingredients, you reduce your dependency on imported materials,
and lessen the CO2 emissions from these imports. You’ll also enjoy improved supply consistency,
as you reduce the risk for sourcing and import delays. This way, you ensure production
consistency and product availability.

Novozymes enzymes also help you reduce water and energy consumption, and other ingredients
uptake in your brewing process, helping make your entire brewing process more sustainable.

Using Novozymes enzymes in line with other sustainable practices, such as green packaging, can
turn your entire brewery green, and give your consumers more reason to purchase your products.

Give back to the world, and your local community

We have helped save 49 million tons of CO2 to date, by enabling
low carbon fuels in the transportation industry.

Around 136,000 tonnes of food was gained using our solutions.

And with Novozymes enzymes, many local breweries have started to use local raw materials in
their brewing process. This has made all the difference in the lives of our clients.
Here are their stories.

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Improve the way you brew
with Novozymes

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