Seed treatment compatibility and planting window guide

Learn about seed treatment compatibility and the maximum amount of time that can elapse between the date the seed was treated with a bio-enhancer and when it can be planted with an expectation that the bio-enhancer will remain viable.

The guide includes valuable information on: 

Simultaneous application

The application of a bio-enhancer and a chemical seed treatment product, commonly fungicides and insecticides, applied at the same time. When using simultaneous application, the products come into contact with each other only at the moment of application to the seeds. 

Sequential application

The application of a bio-enhancer to seeds that have been previously treated with a chemical seed treatment product that is allowed to dry prior to the application of the bio-enhancer. 

Tank mix application

The application of a mixture of a bio-enhancer and chemical seed treatment product after they are mixed in a common tank. This is the least preferred method because it may result in prolonged exposure of living organisms in the bio-enhancer to the chemical seed treatment product in the mix tank, which can negatively impact the viability of the bio-enhancer.