A Look into the Flatbread Market

These market trends could be affecting your bread business


External factors like inflation, rising raw material prices, manufacturing costs, fuel and distribution prices, and shortages in the supply chain are throwing production off track.


71% of consumers admit to throwing out their bread. And although some bread producers reuse stale bread as crumbs or animal feed, revenue made was still negligible.


Up to 18% of bread made is wasted due to consumer’s non-acceptance and even at the distribution level, roughly 10% of bread goes unused.


60% of consumers don’t think there are any differences between the breads in the market and 51% are unhappy with their purchases.


As consumers become more health conscious, their interest in better and healthier ingredients as well as longer-lasting freshness have also increased.

Are You Listening to Your Flatbread Consumers?

Our studies reported the following top concerns

To get the bigger picture of how Novozymes can help you solve these concerns

Rise to these challenges
with Novozymes
Sensea® Flat Prime

A natural solution to better Flatbread
and a more sustainable business

With over three decades of experience in the industry, Novozymes’ freshness enzymes are trusted to produce superior results, and the proof is in the products.

Enhanced Freshness

Bread made with Novozymes Sensea® Flat Prime can stay moist, soft, rollable, foldable and flexible, longer than other bread.

Extended Shelf Life

With Novozymes’ natural solutions, these better quality, longer lasting bread can stay fresh well past storage and distribution to be enjoyed by consumers even after three days of being packaged.

A Stand Out on the Shelves

Populate a more coveted and less crowded space, by setting your brand apart with bread with enhanced freshness and an overall higher quality.

Premium Price Tag

With freshness as a key differentiator, your bread can command a more premium price in the market. Studies have shown that 1 in 4 consumers are ready to fork out that money.

Minimised Stale Returns

Bread made with Sensea® Flat Prime does not dry, harden or crumble quickly, thus decreasing the chances of them being thrown away before consumption.

Reduced Costs

Improvement in bread quality and an extension of its shelf life have increased utilisation, reduced the amount of returned bread, as well as optimised production and distribution.

Other freshkeeping solutions for volume bread

Novamyl® 10000 G

All types of
volume bread

  • Maintained softness and elasticity
  • Reduced waste and returns
  • Clean label

Novamyl 3D G

All types of
volume bread including recipes with sugar and mixed wheat-rye bread

  • Maintained softness and elastisity
  • Maintained moistness
  • Reduced waste and returns
  • Clean lable


All types of
volume bread

  • Reduced waste and returns
  • Initial softness
  • Clean lable
  • Eliminated emulsifiers such as DMG and SSL

At Novozymes, seeking new ways to connect with our customers is just as important as delivering better quality bread. We believe that adding value is something to be done in a flexible manner through multiple channels, and tailored to the needs of your business.

Our expertise also goes beyond enzymes and equipment. The Novozymes Innovation and Technology Center (ITC) in Istanbul has allowed us to share our solutions, technologies, and know-how up close to customers in the Middle East and other regions.

This has opened up new partnerships and possibilities, provided customers and partners easier access to our regional R&D and marketing expertise, and over time, brought value to local communities and markets.

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