Cut oil palm nursery costs and fertilizer use

Cut oil palm nursery costs and fertilizer use

The trusted and proven biofertilizer MycoPlex® is now available directly from Novozymes. It significantly shortens nursery times to speed up replanting. It also allows you to reduce fertilizer use on immature palm by up to 25%.

A better bottom line for growers

In the face of rising anti-deforestation pressure, oil palm growers no longer have the option of expanding to boost revenue. The result is that they can be hit hard by any increase in costs. Biotechnology holds a lot of promise for growers seeking novel ways to optimize costs. It may offer opportunities to lower chemical fertilizer inputs and cut the length of cost-intensive nursery periods.

Here's how it works

At least 70% of terrestrial plants develop associations between roots and mycorrhizal hyphae. Oil palm is no exception. MycoPlex® can speed up seedling growth rates and enable:

  • Shorten production cycle time

  • Reduce labor, nutrient and water demand per seedling plant

  • Deliver vigorous seedling palms to the field for transplanting

Try it out

Trusted for its great formulation and quality for more than a decade, MycoPlex® delivers proven benefits to the oil palm industry. Now those benefits are available to you at a more attractive price. 

A uniquely broad formulation

Novozymes MycoPlex

MycoPlex® is formulated to contain the broadest range of active ingredients on the market. Every 20kg bag of MycoPlex® contains:
  • 3% N + 3% P + 3% K for essential nutritional needs
  • Diverse endo- and ectomycorrhiza to enable better nutrient and water uptake by the roots
  • A blend of bacteria cultures that produces enzymes and other compounds. These help enhance nutrient uptake
  • Humic acids, cold-water kelp extract, and vitamins to help cope with environmental stresses
  • Effective at small doses

Reduce fertilizer use by up to 25% with no visible difference

An 18-month trial in Malaysia indicated that adding the recommended dose of MycoPlex® at time of planting allows you to reduce fertilizer use by up to 25% for immature palm.

Recommended dosage:

  • 60g – 110g per tree applied once a year

Reduce nursery period by up to four months

Adding the recommended dose of MycoPlex® during oil palm pre-nursery or nursery stage, you can expect visible faster root growth. Trials in Malaysia indicates up to four months shorter nursery period for oil Palm. This will free up land and allows you to fit more nursery rotations into each year. 

Recommended dosage:

  • Pre-nursery: 5g to 10g per polybag applied once

  • Nursery: 25g to 30g per polybag applied once

“MycoPlex® improves plant growth by enhancing nutrient supply. That creates opportunities for reducing fertilizer application rates across a wide range of crops and soils.”

Dr. Ross Gilmour, Agronomist specializing in agriculture, biotechnology and chemicals in Southeast Asia.