Improve student nutrition by reducing sugar in your school's chocolate milk

Improve student nutrition by reducing sugar in your school's chocolate milk

Cut the sugar, not the taste


Nothing packs a punch of nutrients into one glass like chocolate milk.

Kids love chocolate milk. In fact, more than 70% of milk consumed in schools is flavored (mostly chocolate). And it contains the same essential proteins, calcium and potassium as white milk.

But there's a hidden cost. Flavored milk contributes disproportionately to added sugar in students' diets. It is the single biggest contributor of added sugar in childrens' breakfast and lunch in schools. Sugar is the primary culprit in our childhood diabetes and obesity crisis, setting children up for terrible health outcomes in their youth through adulthood.

Be prepared to cut sugar in school meals.

Government regulators, the National PTA, the American Heart Association, the Academy of Pediatrics and others are all pushing for the introduction of standards regulating sugars in school meals. It is only a matter of time before this happens, which is why many school nutritionists are already preparing for the change.

Enzymes make milk naturally sweeter.

Your dairy supplier can use Saphera®, a lactase enzyme, to boost the sweetness in milk naturally. Saphera® breaks down lactose into two easily digestible sugars, glucose and galactose. The perceived sweetness of glucose and galactose is actually greater than lactose – substantially sweeter on its own. This means dairies don't need to add as much sugar to their flavored milk. 

No impact on taste. Lactases are easy to implement and cost efficient. More importantly, studies have shown that lactose free flavored milk does not impact the taste. This means students will still love drinking a lactose free flavored milk.

Benefits of using an enzymatic solution for sugar reduction.
  • Maintain all the nutritional benefits flavored milk provides your students
  • With much less added sugar
  • Without an impact on taste!

What could this mean for your school?

Let us help you prepare for your next bid and learn more about our solutions for lowering sugar in flavored milk. 

Book a meeting with Jack Walker, one of our experts when it comes to milk production with enzymes. As your expert, Jack can guide you through the all aspects of creating flavored milk with less added sugar, and support you in partnership with your local dairy.