Reducing syneresis while improving viscosity and mouthfeel in low-fat yogurt

As consumers increasingly adopt health-conscious lifestyles, more people are turning to low-fat dairy products, such as yogurt, as part of a balanced diet. In response, companies and brands are developing health-focused products with features such as low sugar, low fat and high protein to resonate with this consumer demand.

But there’s a catch: Producing low-fat dairy products at an industrial scale isn’t without its challenges – especially when you’re trying to keep your ingredients list short and deliver the taste and textures that consumers love.

A few of those production challenges include: 

  • Texture. When it comes to low-fat yogurt, texture defects such as whey separation, or syneresis, are to be avoided at all costs. Syneresis can send consumers looking for a different brand the next time they shop the dairy aisle. Besides, lack of mouthfeel is what dairies try to avoid. 
  • Clean label. To improve texture, one option is to use stabilizers. These, however, need to be added to your label, which can lengthen your ingredients list with unnatural-sounding gelatins, gums, and modified starches.
  • Cost. While it’s an accepted ingredient among consumers, skim milk powder (SMP) doesn’t come cheap.

But what if you could improve the texture and mouthfeel of low-fat yogurt without compromising on cost? And what if you could achieve your desired level of viscosity while still keeping your label short.

Now you can – with Galaya® Prime.

Easy to use, label friendly, and cost-effective

Galaya® Prime is a transglutaminase enzyme that, when integrated into the yogurt production process, leads to yogurt with a homogeneous microstructure; a finer network; smaller pores; increased gel strength; improved mouthfeel and water-holding capacity; increased elasticity; and less syneresis (without the need to add stabilizers or expensive protein ingredients).

Additionally, Galaya® Prime is in compliance with the processing aid definition, which means there’s no requirement for it to be included on the label. To use in an existing yogurt production operation, Galaya® Prime can be added together with the cultures to the fermentation tank and thus can simply unfold its full potential at a low concentration.

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