A recipe on how to make vodka with enzymes

Vodka is a clear distilled spirit produced from water and ethanol. Ethanol itself is obtained from the fermentation of cereal grains such as wheat, corn, or even rye. The fermentation and distilling process is a critical step in making high-quality vodka as it will give the percentage of alcohol the final product will have. To attain specific niche flavors, vodka makes may use botanicals herbs and spices.
If you want to drastically improve your vodka production process, enzymes can help you. To learn more about how our enzymatic products can support your production, we encourage you to read further.

A recipe on how to make vodka with enzymes

Best-in-class enzymes when producing vodka

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a general dosing guidance. You can always fine tune the dose further. Also, please note that enzymes are process aids and will not be present in the finalized spirit.

Step 1: Start with 50 to 100gm of Viscoferm® (per ton of grain)

To get the desired dry substance, cereal flour is mixed with water in the slurry mixing tank. This typical ranges from 18 to 28 % w/w. By adding 50-100gm of Viscoferm®, you will greatly reduce the viscosity of your production during the mixing stage. Indeed, viscosity reducing enzymes hydrolyze arabinoxylans and NSPs (Non-Starch Polysaccharides), which are major components of small grains like wheat and triticale.

Step 2: Add up 100gm of Liquoflow® GO 3X (per ton of grain)

Next, we recommend adding up 100gm of Liquoflow® GO 3X. Because this enzyme is an Alpha Amylase, it will reduce the viscosity of your production by breaking down starch into small dextrins. To ensure full conversion, the dosing must be followed by an increase in slurry temperature up to 85-87°C, for at least two hours.

Step 3: Add up 250gm of Saczyme® plus 2X (per ton of grain)

Then, the resultant liquefact is cooled down and transferred to the saccharification or fermentation vessel. At this stage of fermentation, we recommend adding up 250gm of Saczyme® Plus 2X. This enzyme is a glucoamylase and will break down dextrins into glucose.

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