Helping soy farmers cope with unpredictable growing conditions

Helping soy farmers cope with unpredictable growing conditions

Climate-smart American soy farmers are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. But they’re also preparing for an unpredictable future in terms of climate. A new LCO-promoter technology will help them by delivering a range of benefits to make soy crops more climate resilient

The recently published sixth assessment report from the IPCC report makes for very concerning reading. In the chapter on food security, it’s clear that farmers across the globe will be on the frontline of climate change. They’ll need to find strategies to maintain production in the face of rising temperatures and changes in precipitation. 

American soy farmers are climate smart

American soy farmers are climate smart

In Iowa, Illinois and other soy-growing states, soybean associations are tackling the  climate issue head on. Soy farmers are implementing a range of climate-friendly strategies. These include no or lowtill, soil rebuilds and carbon sequestration. But they’re also aware that they can expect the weather swings they’ve experienced in recent years to continue, or even worsen. That’s why they’re exploring a wide range of climate-smart solutions. These include helping to fund research into new, temperature-tolerant soybean varieties.

Inoculant based on soybean biology

Inoculant based on soybean biology

Like soy farmers, we at Novozymes BioAg are searching for solutions to future challenges. That search influences our pipeline of products. A recent addition to our portfolio, Optimize® FXC  liquid inoculant is based on our deep understanding of soybean biology. It combines bradyrhizobia and lipo-chitooligosaccharide-promoter technology. 

Enhanced stress mitigation for more resilient soy crops

Using nature’s own problem solvers, Optimize® FXC delivers a range of benefits in soy plants. These include increased nitrogen fixation, accessibility to soil nutrients and water absorption. All these benefits enhance soy plants’ overall health and stress mitigation. That makes them more resilient to weather swings. In early 2022, Optimize® FXC DS will also become available to your customers. It will feature two-season shelf life and a second strain of bradyrhizobia for enhanced nutritional availability and efficiency. These make it an especially powerful tool for soy growers in stress-prone regions. Grounded in science and proven in agronomy, Optimize® products drive your customers’ performance today. They also help promote climate resilience in an uncertain future.  

Our bioyield solutions for soybeans help your customers maximize their crop yield

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