New technology solutions in agriculture: Where can they take the industry?

The agricultural industry is an ever-growing field with new problems and solutions being created every day. Learn more about what biotechnology is doing to help.




How biotechnology solutions can deliver benefits 

There are multiple ways biotechnology can deliver benefits, including bioyield and biocontrol. Bioyield aims to enhance plant nutrition and stimulate plant growth, while biocontrol aims to control insects and microbial diseases that are doing harm to plants. 

Bioyield solutions can both increase nutrients and improve crop yields. Through biocontrol, manufacturers can produce more sustainable and environmentally friendly pesticides and insecticides. 

As the need for more food increases, more pressure is put on the agriculture industry, resulting in new problems that require innovative solutions. Getting high yield while doing it in a sustainable manner is necessary, but that cannot be achieved without biocontrol or bioyield technology. 

Current technology trends in agriculture

The global population is increasing and is not expected to slow any time soon. With more people comes more need for food, and the agriculture industry is constantly developing more efficient ways to grow food. 

That’s where biotechnology comes in. Some recent trends have included short stature corn, CRISPR, blockchain technology, regenerative agriculture, and enzyme technology. 

Short stature corn

Corn is the second-most grown crop in the world, so any improvement to its yield would have a significant impact. Short stature corn, a recent innovation, is a hybrid crop which grows differently than current corn, growing shorter and sturdier. Due to its short stature, this hybrid corn has stronger roots, which increase tolerance against winds that would knock taller plants down. Further, its stature allows for more corn per square meter, reducing usage of land and other nutrients like nitrogen and water. Lastly, the new crop has a longer season. Short stature corn is an example of a bioyield innovation. 

Can we help improve your crops? 

Can we help improve your crops?