Optimize the value of every seed

Every batch of every Novozymes BioAg product is developed with rigorous quality control and held to the highest standards. We take extra steps to design and produce reliable products that help optimize the value of every seed.

1. Daily quality checks on every fermentation tank and continued evaluation

Trained experts examine samples from every batch under the microscope, every day, to look for potential contaminants. This is standard operating procedure during commercial production. Every sample is closely monitored on agar plates as it grows over time. This enables us to find any undesirable organisms that were too small to detect at first.

What this means

You can feel confident that the amount of active microorganisms meets or exceeds what is on the label.


2. Fine-tuned nutrient sources

Like elite athletes, bacteria need specific amounts of high-quality carbohydrates and other nutrients to perform their best. Their “food” is the liquid they live in — which is what you see in the bag you buy. We’re constantly improving the recipe.

What this means

Our products keep getting better and better. To date, we’ve:

  • Lengthened shelf life.

  • Achieved consistent quality from batch to batch.

  • Lowered application rates.

  • Improved in-field performance.


3. <0.1% bag contamination rate

Our specially designed bag-filling system reduces the risk of contamination at this critical stage. We wish we could tell you more, but it’s proprietary.

What this means

The quality we achieve during fermentation is protected as our products leave the tank and move one step closer to the field.


4. Breathable bags and ideal surface area-to-volume ratio

Bradyrhizobia need oxygen, just like you do. Our breathable bags let oxygen in and CO2 out, unlike hard-sided containers that can trap and prevent gas exchange. Plus, our optimized surface area-to-volume ratio (which affects the gas exchange rate) helps the Bradyrhizobia remain effective for up to two years. Our clear bags also help you make sure that the bacteria are evenly mixed before use, so your customers get what they’re paying for on every seed. By comparison, some keg-style systems make it difficult to resuspend product once they’re connected to treaters. Identifying contamination in a keg is also more difficult, which can lead to lost time cleaning contaminated equipment. Bladders and separate cone tank systems are far less likely to have this problem.

What this means

  • Longer shelf life helps improve inventory management.

  • Growers get a reliable product, every time.

  • Our products can be agitated in treaters to ensure the active microorganisms are evenly suspended, resulting in a uniform application to every seed.

Partner with us

Your innovation partner

Our commitment to innovation has helped us develop the world’s leading microbial inoculant, biostimulant and biocontrol solutions portfolio. 

By partnering with us, you could make that commitment work for your business. 

Our partner-focused innovations are built on:
  • Investment, with around 14% of our revenue going towards research and development
  • Vertical integration from discovery to production. That leads to close cooperation between our R&D and commercial teams
  • A global presence, with fermentation facilities across the globe ensuring that you can trust us to deliver on time
  • World-leading formulation technologies that promote homogeneity and stability in our products