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Novozymes Pristine® is a ground-breaking technology that liberates trapped body grime from laundry and offers a new baseline of cleaning.

Great value for money – the key to long-term resilience

As household budgets shrink, shoppers rely more than ever on their favorite brands to deliver value for money. At the same time, detergent manufacturers are looking for cost-saving reformulation strategies. Enzymes can help on both these fronts. They’re key to the performance consumers expect from your brand and can even support more economical formulations.

Cost-efficient, high-performing reformulations

Overall formulation costs are on the increase. The result is that many detergent manufacturers may be considering reformulating to achieve greater cost-efficiency. But they also need to deliver on their brands’ performance promise. Enzymes play a key role in high-performing formulations. In laundry and dish detergents, they break down stains, making them easier to remove from fabrics and tableware. They leave fabrics smoother, colors brighter and whites whiter by removing fuzz and pills. And the most recent enzyme to hit the detergent market is a game-changer, removing malodor and preventing it from building up in clothes. All these benefits make enzymes essential to the performance consumers expect from your brands. They can also support more economical formulations by partially replacing costly fossil-based ingredients.

Value for money makes your brand essential

By cost-efficiently delivering high performance, enzymes can help you avoid the risks associated with cost-cutting measures. Consumers see brands that always deliver on their promises and outperform the competition as essential. These are the brands they’ll stay loyal to, even in times of economic hardship. That’s because they know that essential brands give them real value for money. So reliably delivering great performance through bad times as well as good is the key to long-term resilience. 

Clean once, clean right with enzymes

The last thing time-pressed consumers want is to have to rewash or reclean. When they show loyalty to a brand, it’s because it cleans once and cleans right. Right now, when so many people are concerned both about their household budgets and the environment, enzymes give consumers value for money in two ways. They keep clothes looking and smelling new for longer, which means consumers can buy fewer new clothes. And they deliver high performance - even at low temperatures - which means they can choose cooler machine settings.

High performance in small doses

Enzymes also deliver high performance in small doses. That leads to two key sustainability benefits. The first is a smaller CO2 footprint. In fact, adding a multi-enzyme blend to a laundry detergent with a 30% reduction in surfactant concentration could lead to savings of up to 9g of CO2 per wash. The second is compaction, which brings a range of sustainability benefits. These benefits matter to your company’s bottom line, because while economic downturns pass, sustainability goals are long-term commitments. Companies that veer too far off course could find themselves out of favor with financial stakeholders, customers and even their own employees.

Brand loyalty – hard to win, easy to lose

Consumers’ loyalty to your brand is the ultimate make or break factor that will help you ride out economic downturns. But that loyalty is hard won and easily lost. Like all relationships, the one between consumers and your brand is built on trust. They feel confident and secure about your detergent’s performance. Putting that trust at risk by trading performance for short-term savings could have a severe and long-term negative impact on your brand.

Thinking of reformulating?

Thinking of reformulating?

We’re ready to support you with information and advice.

Enzymes in action

For some brands, dual or triple enzyme blends deliver a baseline standard of performance. And many leading brands unlock more and stronger claims with up to eight enzymes. Explore the table below to see our enzymes perform across a wide range of stains, as well as on fuzz and pills


Body grime
Watch a phosphodiesterase enzyme break down body grime to prevent malodors and discoloration of textiles.

Protein stains
Watch protease enzymes break down stains from dairy products, eggs, meat, blood, grass and other proteins.

Starch stains
Watch amylase enzymes break down stains from ready-made, processed and convenience foods like sauces, dressings and desserts.

Grease stains
Watch lipase enzymes break down stains from fast foods and other greasy dishes.

Pectin stains
Watch pectinase enzymes break down stains from jams, yogurt and smoothies.

Gum stains
Watch mannanase enzymes break down stains from processed and convenience foods and personal care products.

Complex stains
Typically, stains have multiple components. Watch a multi-enzyme blend tackle them all.

Fuzz and pills
Watch cellulase enzymes break down loose fibers on the surface of fabrics to leave them smoother.

Protein starch residues
Watch enzymes help break down protein/starch residues typical of dishes like lasagna.

Fabric care
Find out how enzymes take softeners and conditioners beyond fragrance and softeness to keep clothes looking new for longer.


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