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Novozymes Pristine® is a ground-breaking technology that liberates trapped body grime from laundry and offers a new baseline of cleaning.

Give consumers the detergent formulation they expect

Give consumers the detergent formulation they expect

Our clothes are often the first thing people notice about us.
That’s why today’s consumers expect detergents that can
keep their clothes clean and looking and feeling like new. 
With liquid detergents that use Medley® Liquid enzyme
blends, it’s easy to give consumers the high cleaning
performance and garment care they are looking for. 

Solving new consumer pains has never been so simple

In a market characterized by fast-changing trends, getting new liquid detergent formulations to consumers quickly is key. This is where using the best in the market enzymes and enzymes blends, such as Novozymes Medley® Liquid, can give you a much-needed headstart. 

3 trends to watch



Urban consumers want concentrated liquid detergents that are more efficient, use less packaging and achieve great results with less effort.



Millennials and especially young parents are looking for ingredient formulation with great cleaning power and less impact on the environment.


Fabric care

Many consumers are ready to pay a premium for liquid detergent that can prevent colors from fading, shift tough stains and prevent fuzzing and pilling. 

Additional enzymes, additional performance

Novozymes Medley® Liquid makes it simple to stay ahead and capitalize on the trends that are most relevant for your customers. Simply select the Medley® Liquid blend with the enzymes or enzyme blend you need. All Medley® Liquid solutions are formulated to ensure optimal synergy and stability between different enzymes and detergent ingredients so you can give consumers the exact level of cleaning performance and garment care they need.  


Spot the difference

Spot the difference

Novozymes Medley® Liquid makes it simple to stay ahead and capitalize on the trends that are most relevant for your customers. 

Adding enzymes without adding complexity

Adding an enzyme blend, such as Medley® Liquid, makes it easy to create new formulations for liquid detergent without having to invest in new processes in product development, validation and manufacturing.  

Are you ready to use enzyme blends to give consumers the detergent performance they need?

Are you ready to use enzyme blends to give consumers the detergent performance they need?

Explore the benefits of Medley® Liquid enzyme blends. 

In the competitive liquid detergent market, the innovative enzyme range in Medley® Liquid gives you easy access to more enzymes and more cleaning power.  Contact us to see what it can do for your business.