What if you could take medical cleaning products to market, faster?

Here are three simple ways to boost your medical detergent this year. Maximize your marketing claims and improve patient outcomes at the same time. 






Take a closer look at enzymatics

Take a closer look at enzymatics

Are you using the most advanced enzymes?

If medical instruments are not cleaned, they can't be properly sterilized. Take a closer at the active ingredients in your medical cleaning products. The right enzymes in the right dosage can reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) and carry numerous benefits.

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Taking a closer look at the importance of enzyme usage

Does the amount of enzyme contained within a medical cleaning detergent really matter when it comes to cleaning performance? Or, for that matter, do you need enzymes at all?

Sustainable cleaning for medical devices

Even though efficient cleaning is of the utmost importance in hospitals, sustainability is moving up the agenda fast. With new advanced enzymatic technology, you get the cleaning power you need to remove tough clinical soils and keep patients safe – but in a gentle, more sustainable way.

The best way to remove clinical soils, a combination of enzymes

Getting an endoscope clean enough for disinfection requires a broad-spectrum approach –with the right enzyme content. As a rule, detergent efficiency improves on complex soils when the number of enzyme classes and the amount of enzymes is increased. Working out the right enzymatic combination for your cleaning challenges might sound complicated, but it can save you in the long-term.