Cleaning the natural way to improve work environments

Cleaning the natural way to improve work environments

Employees are asking for a cleaner work environment and there is good reason to listen. A new Novozymes partnership has found a solution.

Employees spend many hours a week at their workplace. According to a study performed by Harvard Business Review, a high-quality workplace can reduce absenteeism by up to four days a year, which can have a significant impact on the bottom-line. The study found that the most desired environmental factor for employees is better air quality.

In a new innovative development, Novozymes partnered with the Danish company Aks2tal to develop CLAIRITY+, a dual-active floor cleaner that combines the natural deep cleaning power of microbes with a dust binding technology that improves air quality.

We are surrounded by microorganisms everywhere we go. They live on every part of the human body, our skin, and in our guts. Cleaning with beneficial microorganisms delivers new opportunities as they empower a safer, more effective, and greener clean compared to traditional cleaners based on harsh chemicals. Probiotic cleaning is the future” says Michael Furlan MSc in Molecular Biology and Microbial Scientist at Novozymes.

By combating the root of dull looking floors and reducing dust particles, the new floor cleaner secures a cleaner, healthier, and more attractive workplace.


Ensure a deeper clean and better air quality

To enable a deeper clean, CLAIRITY+ is based on Novozymes’ probiotic cleaning solution using the beneficial, active Bacillus bacteria. The microbes remain on the surface after cleaning where they continuously remove complex soils for multiple days. While empowering a safer and greener clean, the technology enables deep cleaning of the microscopic cracks of floors, which are often untreated by standard floor cleaners.

Michael Furlan explains “After cleaning, the microbes stay on the surface in a spore state. When they sense soil on the surface, they wake up and starts to release enzymes to break down the soil. They then return to a spore state when the environment is no longer favorable, and the cycle continues for days”.

The dust binding technology in the new floor cleaner helps to improve the air quality of a room by ‘tying’ the airborne dust particles to the floor, making them easy to remove in the next cleaning. Test results have shown that the new floor cleaner can reduce airborne particles with a minimum of 40%, and in some cases the particles were reduced by up to 98%.

Currently, the new cleaning solution is being tested at large facilities across the Nordic countries including public schools, grocery stores, and public buildings. In Novozymes, the floor cleaner is already in use at the facilities in Denmark to improve the cleanliness of the floor and the overall indoor climate.