Webinar: Trans-fat free margarine and specialty fats with enzyme processing

Growing concerns over heart diseases has prompted many countries to adopt strict trans-fat regulations. This trend is now gaining traction across the world, and countries such as India, Singapore and Turkey are planning similar regulations. 

To comply with these new regulations and address consumer demands for healthier, heart-friendly products, you need a simple, efficient and environment-friendly solution. Luckily, you can count on enzymes.

With enzymatic interesterification, you can produce higher quality margarine and specialty fats without trans-fats and chemicals. 

At this exclusive webinar, we will share insights on:

  • Market trends that will shape the demand for modified fats in Asia, Middle East and Africa
  • Trans-fat legislation: at present and in future 
  • Sustainable, safe and efficient answer to producing higher quality bulk shortenings
  • Global vegetable oil producers staying ahead with enzymes


Join us to know more.